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									St. Anthony Central Hospital
 Redevelopment Task Force
        Move of St. Anthony Central campus
         leaves site open to redevelopment.
        St. Anthony Central and sponsor CHI
         have strong desire to leave positive
        Community task force formed to study
         options, offer a vision for
         redevelopment of 16-acre site.
What are the goals of the task force?
          To make recommendations for best use
           of the campus after St. Anthony move.
          Build on the strengths of the
           community, improve the well-being and
           economic vitality of the neighborhood.
          Not a decision-making body;
           recommendations to be strongly
Where is St. Anthony Central moving?
          After lengthy review of options, decision
           to move to Lakewood was made
          Proposed site is at the Federal Center
           near Union and 6th Avenue
          Six miles from current site; the closest
           piece of land large enough to
           accommodate new campus
Why is the campus moving?
         Space limitations, antiquated facility
          and high cost of renovation.
         Lack of space has hindered ability to
          keep pace with new patient care
          practices, outpatient offerings, new
         Modern medical campuses need 35
          acres or more, ability to expand.
         New location will help St. Anthony serve
          the region well into the future.
Who is on the task force?
          35+ members, all walks of life including
           business people, community activists
           and residents.
          Representation by City of Denver
          Chairs: St. Anthony CEO George Zara,
           Councilman Rick Garcia and Laura
           Aldrete, Denver Urban Renewal.
What’s the status of the task force?
          Monthly meetings since August 2005,
           scheduled to go through February
          Subcommittees formed to address
           different facets of redevelopment:
              Economic and job revitalization
              Tradition of caring; health and wellness
              Dynamic mix of people, places, activities
              Art, history and culture
              Walkability, development and design
When will we know the plan?
         Report of recommendations will be
          prepared by the task force in early
         Recommendations to be released to the
          public and submitted to the City, St.
          Anthony, Catholic Health Initiatives for
         Definitive redevelopment strategies to
          be communicated later in 2006.
         Ongoing community involvement will be
          encouraged throughout redevelopment.
How can I get involved?
          Attend a meeting
              Schedule available at
          Participate in a subcommittee
              Call 720-913-1645
          Invite a task force member to make a
              Call 720-913-1645
          Call or write with your ideas
              Call 303-629-3701 or e-mail to

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