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									JMC 101 – notes


                  “ singing in the rain” - optional viewing provided at classroom 7:30pm- attending the
                   viewing is not required but seeing the movie is, so watch it however you choose
                  Midterm exam – coming up

Topic at hand – Google! ( founded 1998) – aim = organizing worlds info. – 1st search; then branching out


       Video
       Maps
       Books
       Pc apps

** google is digitizing th enon- internet products.

Cloud computing- storing all data on computer i.e. through google

Online business model = free

Chris anderson – editor @ wired magazine

Online ads – search vs. banner ( who audience is ?) – advertising thaat looks like ads

        -      Simple text ads = innovation
                   o Efficeint targeting
                   o Quatifiable – pay per clikc
                   o Profitable
                   o 99% revenues
        -      Slogan – “ don’t be evil”
        -      ?- google recognizes other companies faults, and want to be ‘good’ cirizen
        -      Potential for privact abuse, ( e.g. buzz)
        -      Censorship in China-
                   o Ppl. Thught kinds evil, keeping info.
                   o Google eventually pulled out
          -   Whose interest does google serve?
          -   Is it a good idea for one company to control the worlds information?
                    o E.g. – books, digitization, book search, deal making, copy right
          -   Open vs. closed networks
          -   Free content vs. closed content
          -   Info. Wants to be free vs. walled garden
          -   Google vs. aol / microsoft
          -   Google ‘ depends’ on internet /search
          -   Page rank
          -   Fb threat to google
                    o Seel ads
                    o Prevents google from org. its data

2007 – Microsoft invests in FB ( facebook)

          -   Directing ads to its users

Political economy of google –

          -   Corp vs. public.
          -   Does ingo. Belong to us or to them?
          -   Monopoly?


          -   Advertising in music videos think concerts
          -   MTV – ex. Of narrowcasting
          -   MTV an example of convergence how? – combined technology , artistry, and advertising
              aspects of convergence
          -   “google” – “don’t be evil”
          -   Shows we’re for the customer
          -   Google considered ‘open’ –
                 o Things like:
                           Facebook
                           Email
          -   Concept of walled garden – (closed)
                 o Way to control content
                 o Net neutrality rule

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