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									                                       Need to Know More About…
                                   Brave New World Pre-Reading Project

Groups of 4 or 5 will be assigned one of the following research topics. For your topic you must do the

   1. Write a typed (MLA formatted heading) response to the research and discussion questions included
      under the topic. This should be a minimum of 2 well developed paragraphs, but 3 is better.
   2. Create a sophisticated visual/artistic representation of your topic. This visual should not only depict the
      topic but reflect the significance or impact of the topic, or perhaps the controversy surrounding it.
   3. In class next time, your group will compile and condense your research, and create a poster to teach the
      class what your topic is and the most important information about it.

Research Topics:
   1. Cloning
      Define this term. How does this technology work? What developments have we made/where are we at in
      this technology now? What are the ethical and moral debates that this technology presents? Any
      repercussions or dangers in advancing?

   2. In-Vitro Fertilization
      Define this term. Research the history of this technology. How does this technology work? What is the
      average cost of treatment? Current rate of IVF treatments and IVF births per year? Controversy or
      backlash surrounding this technology?

   3. Propaganda and Advertising
      Define these terms. What is the purpose of propaganda and advertising? Research and summarize
      different propaganda techniques. Come up with a list of the TV/radio/magazine ad slogans that you
      encounter within a given day.

   4. Prescription Drug Therapy
      Research some prescription drugs whose main purpose is to make people feel calm, content, or “happy.”
      What are they and how does this technology work in the brain? Potential short-term/long-term side-
      effects? Any controversy or backlash surrounding this technology?

   5. Hypnopaedia (Sleep-Learning)
      Define the term and explain the theory behind it. How does it work? What are the gaps in the theory?
      How do scientists conduct this research?

   6. Contraception (Birth Control)
      Define the term and research the history of birth control in this country. How does this technology
      work? Why is this a current political issue (what discussion/controversy is currently taking place)?
      Research other cultural views on birth control (particularly China).

   7. Henry Ford and the Model T
      Who was Henry Ford and what was the Model T? When was this technology developed and how did it
      work? What impact did Ford and the Model T have on society at the time and long-term (impact on
      methods of production, industry, and future technology)?

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