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									                                      engage in their future
                                 2012 Annual National Conference
                                      Presentation Synopsis
Thursday 5th July 2012

Charlie Taylor: The Future Landscape for BESD Schools
Charlie Taylor will discuss the challenges and opportunities for BES schools in the light of his review into Alternative
Provision and Government policy changes.

Claire Dorer: Support and Aspiration - Where do Children with SEBD Fit?
In May 2012, the Government finally published the long awaited “Next Steps” document, following on from the SEND
Green Paper in March 2011. The document promises a brave new world of Education, Health and Care Plans and
services working together but it also leaves the diagnosis of and response to young people with social, emotional and
behavioural difficulties in an uncertain position. Claire will consider what the forthcoming Children and Families Bill
might mean for you.

John d’Abbro: The Hottest Classroom & Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Moving out of our comfort zone can bring about discomfort and stress but also opportunities for personal and
professional growth. This talk will highlight the personal experience of moving out of the comfort and security of an
everyday life to running Jamie Oliver's Dreamschool, the challenges and the pain it produced, the untold story, and the
lasting legacy.

Friday 6th July 2012

Nick Lamb: Engaging and Motivating Young People Using ICT
We all know just how much the arrival of new technology has changed the way we learn and work. Our young have
developed almost native skills in using a vast range of technology, including Smart Phones, PCs, Tablets, Games and
Media Players. Their ability to pick-up and use devices and to fathom out how to get the most from software is often

The aim of the Nick’s talk is to build an understanding of how to get the best out of new technology, how to let students
make the most of their natural skills, to give teachers the confidence to use ICT and to guide teachers to effective,
accessible and affordable software (often free) and equipment.

This talk represents the first stage of his programme; effective in its own right, it can also be the catalyst for a whole
school development programme.

Larry Bartel: TeachMeet
Originally conceived in 2005 in Scotland, a ‘TeachMeet’ is an organised (but informal) meeting (in the style of an
unconference) for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with
technology. These events are often organised to coincide with other educational events like the Scottish Learning
Festival and the British Educational Technology and Training Show (BETT).

Participants volunteer to demonstrate good practice they've delivered over the past year, or discuss a product that
enhances classroom practice. Participants agree to either give a six to ten minute micro-presentation or a three to five
minute nano-presentation. Presenters are randomly selected and not all volunteers will get to present if time does not
allow. The use of PowerPoint is usually banned at TeachMeet events.

Delegates will be emailed before the start of the Conference to see if they wish to present.

Tam Carrigan: Dangerous Success
Tam will be talking about his life experiences, travel and current projects in this insightful and inspirational talk.

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