OCSPO September 24 2008 Minutes by W1nA4Z


OCSBO Purchasing Group
September 24, 2008

Members Present: Kathy Peshl, Clarkston, Karen May, Roper, Paul Hain, Farmington, Beth Henderson,
Novi, Laura, Chippewa Valley, Marilyn Smith, Walled Lake, Charlene Kondrat, Katrina Brunette, Oakland
Schools, Jessica Ritchie, Birmingham, Norm McGarry, Birmingham, Kayleen Krahn, West Bloomfield

Meeting called to order @ 2:00 PM

Meeting minutes from May 2008 were motioned by ? for approval and seconded by ?. Minutes

Old Business

Paper Bid – Bids were received using bidsync system. Copy paper will be going up in price. Bid award
information will sent out in the next few days for all members. Adding new products to the next bid was
discussed and will be talked about when we are closer to the next bid.

Furniture Bid – Vendors are indicating they had zero usage to report. Districts are indicating they have
used the bid. Katrina will follow up with vendors.

Custodial Bid – Custodial bid expires December 2008, reviewing the option of renewing for one year.
Some vendors have not returned calls to indicate if their pricing will increase. Hercules & Hercules want
a 15% price increase on all products.
Belmont met with members this summer to show new green products that are available. We may add
green products to the next custodial bid.

School Bus Parts Bid – Walled Lake confirmed using the bid, most other districts were not aware of
usage of the bid

Art/Classroom Supplies – Discussion of if we should re-bid. Some districts expressed concerns with
School Specialty service, also discussed different ways to set up bid like combining bid with office supply
bid. Districts were also asked to provide usage for the bid.

New Business

Katrina reviewed annual membership, mideal participation, treasures report, bid usage for first 6
months of 2008, and shared some meeting participation statistics.

Future Meeting
A survey was done to determine some future meeting topics
Round Table
Kathy Peshl, Clarkston - They have a new Finance Manger set to start September 29th.

Karen May, Roper – Has begun to use Staples on-line ordering, it is working well and teachers like it as

Paul Hain, Farmington – MSBO has decided to merge the Purchasing Committee with the Finance
Committee due to low participation from both committees. At the meeting help in Boyne Mt. it was
discussed the Michigan controls are good for banking and that funding will remain flat for next school

Beth Henderson, Novi – Has a new Director of Finance – Carmen Joekowski

Laura, Chippewa Valley – Worked this summer to open three new buildings, moved one of the middle
schools and will be adding on 15 classrooms to another middle school.

Marilyn Smith, Walled Lake – Business area is short staffed keeping her very busy.

Charlene Kondrat, Berkley –Complete the first year under new Superintendent, saw movement of staff.
They have opened a childcare center and new adult education center.

Katrina Brunette, Oakland Schools – Finalizing renovation at 4 campuses, open houses are going on
presently. Held an auction to get rid of surplus equipment from the renovations and was very
successful, collecting $30,000. Indicated that bidsync was being used for RFP’s and bids, 1% total
contract fee paid by vendor (up to $10,000)

Jessica Ritchie, Birmingham - Finishing up on bids opened over the summer and will be opening a
printing bid September 25, 2008. Norm McGarry has been working on putting together a purchasing
procedure manual for building administrators.

Kayleen Krahn, West Bloomfield – New accounting Supervisor, Shelia King. Also has a new
Superintendent, JoAnn Andrees, Ed.D.

Respectively Submitted,

Jessica Ritchie
Public Buyer
Birmingham Public Schools

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