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									Water UK future regulation project

The future regulation consultation document was published on Water UK’s
website as an open consultation on 18 July 2005. The deadline for responses
was 15 October 2005.

Last autumn, we held closed meetings with the industry’s regulators
(`cluster’ meetings), as follows:

Ofwat              1 September 2005
Defra              14 September
CCWater            27 September
EA                 18 November

The outputs from those meetings were very useful to us in terms of
informing our view of the sorts of issues we ought to be focussing on, where
our efforts might best be directed, and helping to develop the programme for
the wider stakeholder events.

During October 2005, we held three stakeholder consultation events, known
as `circles’ as follows:

Date         Event/venue Chairman         Facilitator      Attendees
4 Oct        Customers   Margaret         Barbara Saunders CCWater
             (Water UK) Devlin                             Defra
                                                           RSPH etc
6 Oct        City           Richard       John Smith       Ofwat
             (Merrill       Ackroyd                        NAO
             Lynch)                                        Defra
                                                           Reps of
                                                           investors etc
12 Oct       Environment Keith            John Green, The     Ofwat
                         Harris           Green Light         EA
                                          Partnership         Defra
                                                              Forum for the
                                                              Sewage, ESA

Feedback from these events was very positive; and a summary of all three
events will be in the Water UK response document.

The environment circle event identified a great deal of common ground
between the various participants. We decided to draw all this work together
in the form of a `roadmap’. The outcome of this process and work
undertaken by a further internal Water UK workshop will also be set out in
our response document.

Further cluster events

Following the circle events, we are meeting again with our regulators to feed
back to them the conclusions of the work we have done so far, to identify the
key issues they feel we should highlight for future action, and to maintain
the process of engagement.

Meetings were held on 1 December with Ofwat, 12 December with Defra,
13 December with CCWater and with DWI on 20 January. We used these
meeting to confirm our impressions of their views and the outcome of the
further stakeholder work undertaken by Water UK. This was done to ensure
there were `no surprises’ in terms of the likely outcomes set out in our
response document.
Water UK response document

An outline of the Water UK response document is at Attachment 1, with an
early draft drawing together all the different strands of work is at
Attachment 2. This is work in progress at this stage. We are working with a
leading academic to develop the main messages and themes. We intend to
publish the response document to coincide with the future regulation
conference on 8 March.

Future regulation conference

The conference which will present the main findings of the report will be
held on Wednesday 8 March at the Commonwealth Club, London WC2.
Confirmed speakers include Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive, Water UK,
Philip Fletcher, Director General, Ofwat, Professor Martin Cave, Warwick
University Business School, Edward Humpherson, National Audit Office,Dr
Tony Ballance, Severn Trent Water, Guy Thompson, Green Alliance and
Robin Cohen, Deloittes. Elliot Morley MP, Defra Minister for Climate
Change and the Environment, has agreed to give the keynote address. A full
conference programme is available from [link to I&L website address]..

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