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									March 2010                                        doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

 Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

 Submission Title: Opening Report for the TG6 Session in March 2010
 Date Submitted: March 15, 2009
 Source: Arthur Astrin
 Contact: Arthur Astrin, Astrin Radio
 Voice: +1 (650) 704-2517, e-mail:
 Re:      TG6 Opening Report for March 2010 Session
 Abstract: Opening report for the TG6 Session.
 Purpose: To focus activities during the meeting
 Notice: This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P802.15. It is
          offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing
          individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject
          to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s)
          reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein.
 Release: The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes
          the property of IEEE and maybe made publicly available by P802.15.

Submission                              Slide 1                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                                   doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

               IEEE 802.15 TG6
               Body Area Network

                 Opening Report

             14th Meeting as a Task Group 6

                     Orlando, FL

                    March 15, 2009

Submission                         Slide 2                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                                             doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

                           Merger Status
                      Proposal            Normative Text in Doc #

                                               HBC            NB        UWB         MAC
       KORPA-Inha-CNU-CSEM -
 WiBAN IMEC-Zarlink                                                  10-0062-00, 09-0344-03,
                                                            09-0340- 09-0721-00, 09-0332-00,
                                           10-0049-02          01    09-0331-00 09-0342-01
  SMA                                                       09-0329-
                                                             00, 10-           09-0327-01,
                                                            0010-01 10-0045-01 09-0814-02

                      Normative Text        0049

                                                              TG6 Baseline
Submission                                   Slide 3                                  Arthur Astrin
March 2010                               doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

        Plans for March 2010 meeting

• Received normative text of proposals in Word .doc format

• Technical vote on each individual texts

• Combine the normative texts and

      • remove redundancies.

      • resolve conflicts.

• Begin editing into a baseline draft

• Update the timeline
Submission                     Slide 4                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                                         doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

Plans for March 2010 meeting #2
                         HBC        NB             UWB       MAC

 Normative Text        0049
 Present to TG6

             Release to TG6
                                   TG6 Candidate

                              TG6 Vote

                                    TG6 Baseline

Submission                               Slide 5                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                              doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

             Merging Discussions

    Numerous off-line merging discussions are carried
    among different parties for both PHY and MAC.

Submission                    Slide 6                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                                                          doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

                                           Timeline 2010
                                                              1     2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12

             Merge Proposals                                 >      >   >
             Agree content for Baseline Draft                           >
             Draft Work                                                 >   >   >
             Technical Comments Resolution                                      >   >   >
             Draft Ready for 1st letter ballot 40days                                   >
             1st letter ballot complete                                                     >   >
             Resolution of comments, 1st recirculation                                          >   >    >
             1st re-circulation complete                                                                 >
             Resolve comments, 2nd recirculation, apprv                                                  >    >

Submission                                                Slide 7                                                  Arthur Astrin
March 2010                    doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

              • Thank You !

             • Any Questions ?

Submission          Slide 8                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                               doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

             Purpose of Proposed Standard
                    (PAR 07-0575)
 The purpose of the proposed standard it to provide an
   international standard for a short range (ie about human
   body range), low power and highly reliable wireless
   communication for use in close proximity to, or inside, a
   human body.
 Data rates, typically up to 10Mbps, will be offered to satisfy
   an evolutionary set of entertainment and healthcare
 Current PANs do not meet the medical (proximity to human
   tissue) and relevant communication regulations for some
   application environments. They also do not support the
   combination of reliability (QoS), low power, data rate and
   noninterference required to broadly address the breadth of
   body area network applications.
Submission                     Slide 9                              Arthur Astrin
March 2010                                        doc.: IEEE 802.15-10-0168-01-0006

    Need for the Project (PAR 07-0575)
 There is a need for a standard optimized for ultra low power devices and operation
    on, in or around the human body to serve a variety of applications including
    medical and personal entertainment.
 Examples of the applications served by the proposed standard are: EEG, ECG,
    EMG, vital signals monitoring (temperature (wearable thermometer),
    respiratory, wearable heart rate monitor, wearable pulse oximeter, wearable
    blood pressure monitor, oxygen, pH value , wearable glucose sensor,
    implanted glucose sensor, cardiac arrhythmia), wireless capsule endoscope
    (gastrointestinal), wireless capsule for drug delivery, deep brain stimulator,
    cortical stimulator (visual neuro-stimulator, audio neuro stimulator,
    Parkinson’s disease, etc…), remote control of medical devices such as
    pacemaker, actuators, insulin pump, hearing aid (wearable and implanted),
    retina implants, disability assistance, such as muscle tension sensing and
    stimulation, wearable weighing scale, fall detection, aiding sport training.
 This will include body-centric solutions for future wearable computers. In a
    similar vein, the same technology can provide effective solutions for personal
    entertainment as well.The existence of a body area network standard will
    provide opportunities to expand these product features, better healthcare and
    well being for the users. It will therefore result in economic opportunity for
    technology component suppliers and equipment manufacturers.
Submission                             Slide 10                              Arthur Astrin

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