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As part of the 2009 Budget speech, the Chancellor of the Exchequer
announced details of the Young Peoples Guarantee, guaranteeing additional
support for 18 – 24 year olds who have been unemployed for a period
approaching 12 months. This offer was brought forward to the 6 month point
of customers’ Jobseeker’s Allowance claim in the recent DWP white Paper
‘Building Britain’s Recovery: Achieving Full Employment’.

The offer includes:

    Newly created Jobs lasting at least 6 months through the Future Jobs
    Support to take an existing job in a key employment sector via a
      recruitment subsidy and pre-employment training (Routes into Work)
    Work Focussed Training of 3-6 months duration
    A place on a Community Task Force, delivering real help within their
      local community

This invitation to tender covers the support to take an existing job in a key
employment sector (Routes into Work). The LSC is making available an
additional £45.06m across England to help over 37,000 individuals to train for
identified vacancies in key employment sectors in the labour market. Some of
the provision is being negotiated with the existing provider base. This
invitation to tender is looking to procure over 6,000 of these above places.
Some of this provision has already been contracted for and this specification
builds on that provision with additional funding, places and sectors. The
provision to support this offer, outlined in this specification, will focus on a
number of occupational areas in the 14 nationally agreed priority sectors as
set out below, however the LSC reserves the right to re-prioritise the funding
against different sectors based on need as agreed nationally.

    Health
    Contact Centre occupations

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
      Food and Drink Manufacturing
      Energy and Utility
       Care
       Retail
       Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism
       Security
       Facilities Management
       Agriculture
       Construction
       Manufacturing
       Creative and Cultural
       Logistics

The Care provision being procured supports the Care First Careers
programme which is a part of the Young Person’s Guarantee. Further details
can be obtained from:

The funding is available for the period from April 2010 until 31st March 2011.
Successful providers will be expected to work closely with the relevant Sector
Skills Councils and with Jobcentre Plus to support individuals and employers
as required, to deliver pre employment provision and additional support to
help individuals move into vacancies as quickly as is possible. The
expectation is that in the sectors where available, the Sector Skills Council
developed Sector employability Toolkits will form the basis of the provision
offer to be agreed

Only providers who have successfully pre-qualified through the Qualified
Provider Framework (QPF) and who indicated that they wish to be considered
for delivery of Employer Responsive programmes can bid to deliver these

Due to the current economic climate it is expected that providers would be
equipped to respond in a timely manner and begin delivering the provision
from day 1 of the contract based on the demand. LSC offices will indicate the
prioritisation of sectors required in each region
The aim of this commissioning exercise is to ensure that capacity is in place
to enable providers to respond to the needs of young unemployed individuals
and recruiting employers, helping them to prepare to fill vacancies through the
delivery of Routes into Work.

The approach required to deliver Routes into Work will build on the success of
the work of the Sector Skills Councils and providers in developing and

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
delivering Sector Employability Toolkit content. Providers will deliver pre-
employment training for individuals based on requirements of employers and
the relevant sector employability toolkit, lasting for up to 8 weeks, with the aim
of moving individuals into existing vacancies. Where individuals successfully
move into employment prior to the end of the 8 week period, providers are
expected to continue to support learners in the workplace using this funding

The Sector Employability Toolkits (also known as Sector Routeways)
developed by SSCs to address the stated needs of employers are available
and should be used to provide core content for this provision; however it
should be noted that successful providers will be required to work closely with
employers, Jobcentre Plus and the Sector Skills Councils to ensure that
programmes of support for individuals meet the specific needs of an employer
and the individual candidates. Individuals will be expected to take up provision
that lasts for up to 8 weeks on a full time basis that will prepare them to fill
available or imminent vacancies notified to Jobcentre Plus.

The contract for delivery will run from April 2010 to March 2011.

Contracts issued through this procurement process are subject to continuing
availability of funding and / or provider performance, along with any change in
Government policy. The LSC/SFA reserve the right at its absolute discretion
to move monies between providers and regions, irrespective of performance,
to ensure that national demands for the Guarantee are met subject to giving
providers reasonable notice and paying for provision already commenced.

The approach relies on successful providers being able to meet the needs of
individuals and employers in the key sectors identified. Training and support
activity must demonstrate a maximum degree of flexibility to support individual
employability and mobility. The provision should recognise the specific needs
of the intended cohort of learners who will be young people aged between 18
and 24 years and who have been unemployed for a period of at least 6
months (including those that have been fast tracked to their 6 month claim).

Employers, individuals and Jobcentre Plus will be provided with a clear
understanding of the range and scope of education and training services that
learners can expect to receive.

The Sector Skills Councils concerned have revised where required the
content of the Sector Employability Toolkits in order to ensure that they are fit
for purpose, however providers will be required to develop a wrap around
package of support, including additional skills development activities in order

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
to ensure that young people are prepared for work, and are able to take up
the employment opportunities identified before training commences.

The sector offer requires the up-front engagement of an employer with a real
or prospective vacancy in existence. The training element of the sector offer
is only part of the package to employers and complements an employment
subsidy to incentivise recruitment from this cohort. It is anticipated therefore
that the beginning of the demand process will be with the employer, with
Jobcentre Plus employer engagement staff playing the primary role in the
early stages of engagement. Providers will play an important supplementary
role in employer engagement as they will have their own employer base
engaged through Train to Gain and Apprenticeship activity however relevant
vacancies must be notified and registered through Jobcentre Plus.

In addition to specific content required by the sector, specific employer and
occupational area concerned, successful providers must be able to offer the
following range of skills interventions tailored to the needs of the individual. It
is recognised that not all of these will be needed in each case:

    Training Needs Analysis and Individual Learning Plan;
    Skills for Life diagnostics (including ICT) and delivery of appropriate
    Assessment of generic employability skills needs and the delivery of
      training to improve job search, job application and in-work skills;
    Embedded IAG and learner support
    Training to update skills needed for a specific employment sector
      (based on the sector employability toolkit);
    Pre-employment training to provide skills to enter a different occupation
      or sector;
    Regular progress reviews;
    Exit interviews and customer tracking

The type of education and training provision that can be delivered will not be
restricted to qualification bearing activity however it should be shaped around
the content of the relevant Sector Employability Toolkits with the relevant
additional support required for the individuals and employers concerned. It
will be funded as long as it is organised and delivered according to the
individual’s existing skill levels and labour market opportunities in the key
sectors indicated, however, activity must be focused on skills development
and moving individuals into sustainable work. The provision should aim to
equip the individual to continue their training and progress towards a portable
and economically valuable qualification in work through Train to Gain or
Apprenticeship where appropriate.

A key requirement for providers is that once the individual re-enters
employment then the provider should seek to continue skills and qualifications

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
development with the new employer wherever possible.

Key Characteristics of the Offer

    Employer driven and targeted at real vacancies or anticipated demand
      identified through labour market intelligence or knowledge of inward
    Training is based on the content of the relevant Sector Employability
    Maximum of 8 weeks duration
    Full time delivery supported by Training Allowance, travel and childcare
      support provided by Jobcentre Plus if the provision exceeds 2 weeks
      prior to recruitment
    Flexible modes of delivery including flexible start dates to suit employer
      need and continuous provision throughout the year
    National coverage – the offer should be available across England
    To include employability/soft skills where appropriate but at the behest
      of the employer rather than as a generic requirement
    To include appropriate careers advice specifically tailored to provide
      comprehensive support to the learner (taking into account the fact that
      whilst young, the customer group will have a very wide ranging set of
      needs and starting points on their own personal development

Due to the changing economic and political landscape, the LSC and JCP
approach and associated processes may change during the life of this
contract. The LSC and JCP may be required to move monies within or
between regions and providers to ensure that the national training guarantee
is met. This may occur irrespective of provider performance (even if on profile)
if demand requires it. If this occurs successful contractors will be expected to
adapt their offer and processes accordingly.

The successful contractor should have the capacity to deliver education and
training immediately once the contract starts in April 2010. This should not be
delayed in any way by any recruitment processes, availability of premises or
other processes that need to be introduced.

The LSC will agree indicative priority activities with providers.

For more information and guidance on Train to Gain funding, go to:

For more information on LSC funding policy and guidance go to:

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
For more information on Sector Employability Toolkits, go to:

Individuals who are at the 6 month stage of their Jobseekers Allowance claim,
and who following this intervention would be suitable, and ready to fill an
identified vacancy in one of the priority sectors. This includes customers fast-
tracked to this stage of their claim by Jobcentre Plus. The individuals must be
referred by JCP.


Regional requirements for those regions who are seeking to procure this
service are set out in a separate document called ‘Young Persons’ Guarantee
– Routes into Work, Regional Requirements January 2010’. This document is
available on the LSC’s e-tendering system. Providers are advised to read this
document carefully before submitting a proposal. This document includes the
volumes required in each sector by district.

In order to submit a full response, providers are required to complete all of
the questions for either region where they wish to be considered and to
indicate in the appropriate box in which of the two regions they wish to be
considered for delivery. There are hints and tips provided for each region as
well as the Regional Requirements document to refer to.
Further instructions are provided in the ‘Instructions’ document on the e-
tendering system.

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
                      Young Person’s Guarantee

                            Routes into Work
Please indicate in the table to which region your response applies. If you
intend to bid for both you must complete one of these sets of questions
for each region and indicate in the table to which region each set of
answers applies by inputting Yes or No

 EE        YH


Please provide a summary of the activities you intend to deliver.
Although this question will not be scored the information will be used as
part of the decision making process to provide an overview of the
applicant’s proposal. (Maximum 6000 characters available). Please enter
response in space below.

Please enter answer here

      How will you meet the needs of eligible target group(s)?
1     (Maximum 7500 characters) (Weighting = 4) (Max Score = 15)

      Please include details of:
      - how you will ensure that your delivery will be flexible in meeting the
      needs of the target group(s)

      Ref: (Q1)
Please enter answer here
    Please describe your track record of moving the unemployed into
2   work. (Maximum 5000 characters) (Weighting =4) (Max Score = 15)
    Please include where possible:

      - Details of your successes and performance in this area for LSC and (if
      appropriate) DWP Contracts
      - employers/sectors you have worked closely with.
      - engagement methods
      - activity targeted at moving young people into work

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
     - history of working with Jobcentre Plus
     - a breakdown of proposed sector and geographic coverage in the table

     Ref: (Q2)
Please enter answer here
    Please describe your experience of training delivery in the declared
3   Sectors (Maximum 7500 characters) (Weighting = 5) (Max Score =
    Please include:

     - Experience you have of delivering Sector Employability Toolkit content
     in the sectors your proposal covers.
     - specific experience with occupational areas within the sectors

     Ref: (Q3)
Please enter answer here
4   Please outline your experience of working with employers in the
    sectors identified in the specification (Maximum 7500 characters)
    (Weighting = 5) (Max Score = 15)
    Please include details of:

     - current transactional arrangements with named employers in the key
     sectors listed
     - historical record of working with employers in these sectors
     - Industrial/business experience of relevant delivery staff of working in
     these sectors.

     Ref: (Q4)
Please enter answer here
5   How do your proposed activities contribute to
    local/regional/national objectives and add value to other activities
    that are available to the target group(s)? (Maximum 5000
    characters) (Weighting = 2) (Max Score = 15)
    Please include details of:
    - links relevant provision, strategies, plans, frameworks, policy initiatives
    and other programmes

     Ref: (Q5)
Please enter answer here
6   How will you manage and deliver the proposed activities?
    (Maximum 7500 characters) (Weighting = 3) (Max Score = 15)
    Please include details of:
    - your model of delivery including your management arrangements
    - how the model may be able to develop flexibly to deliver a changing

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10
    offer or accommodate changing operational circumstances

    Ref: (Q6)
Please enter answer here
7   What structures will you use to support your proposed delivery
    model? (Maximum 5000 characters) (Weighting = 2) (Max Score =

    Please include details of:
    - the infrastructure for the delivery of the proposed activity. If the lead
    organisation is based outside the region, please describe the
    arrangements for delivering the activities within the region
    - additional staff, premises or other resources which may be needed and
    the timescales to implement them.

    Ref: (Q7)
Please enter answer here
8   Which parts of your proposal will be delivered in conjunction with
    other organisations? (Maximum 5000 characters) (Weighting = 3)
    (Max Score = 15)

    Please include details of:
    - your active partners/subcontractors and any potential
    - which activities will be delivered under this arrangement
    - your role as prime contractor

    Ref: (Q8)
Please enter answer here
9   In each of the two regional requirements pages attached to this ITT
    we include indicative volumes against each of the sectors. Please
    indicate in the space below the volume against each of the sectors
    covered by your bid. (Maximum 1000 characters) (Weighting = 3)
    (Maximum score = 15)

    Ref: (Q9)
Please enter answer here
10 We require you to indicate in the space below the minimum
    contract value your bid would expect to receive should it be
    successful. (Maximum1000 characters) (Weighting = 3 ) (Maximum
    score = 15)

    Ref: (Q10)
Please enter answer here

YPG RIW FINAL Specification/Questions 04/02/10

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