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					Grade 7 English                                                                Quarter 2 Performance Task

A poetry anthology is a collection of poems. Below is a checklist of the items you must include in your
       ◙ Front cover or introductory slide with the title of your anthology and visuals/illustrations
       ◙ Table of Contents
       ◙ Introduction (a brief introduction to your anthology, what it means and explains the order)
       ◙ Poems (each with a title and some visuals)
       ◙ About the Poet (biographical information about the author)

Front Cover

                   Title: ____________________________________________
                  By: ______________________________________________


  Welcome to my poetry anthology entitled, “________________________________________”. The
title means ___________________________________________________________________________.
My poems are about ___________________________________________________________________.
I wrote these poems to _________________________________________________________________.
When I wrote these poems, I was thinking about ____________________________________________.

The poem called “ ______________________________” is first in my anthology because ____________

and the poem called “________________________________” is last in my anthology because ________

_________________________________________________________________________________. My
favourite poem is “________________________________” because _____________________________

Grade 7 English                                                                Quarter 2 Performance Task

About the Author
You need to write a paragraph about yourself. Here are some examples of what you can include.
Include a picture!
       Name, age, nationality
       Place of birth
       Age
       Family
       Education
       Hobbies
       Likes & Dislikes

    The author of this anthology is _____________________________. S/he is a talented poet who

comes from ___________________ (country). S/he was born in ________________ (city, country) on

_____________________________ (day/month/year). S/he has ________ brothers and ______ sisters

and currently lives with his/her family in Manila. Some of her hobbies include_____________________

__________________________________________________________. S/he loves to ______________

_________________________, but doesn’t like to ___________________________________________.

S/he is currently at student at International School Manila, but has also attended schools in __________


One special thing about the poet is ________________________________________________________

S/he likes to write about ______________________________________________ which comes across in
her/his poems.

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