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					Name: _______________________________                                                                                           Date: ________________

                                                     Poetry Anthology Grading Rubric
           Component                           Excellent (4)                Good (3)               Satisfactory (2)         Improvement            POINTS
      Overall Presentation
                                                                       Anthology includes        Anthology includes        Anthology is not
       Poems typed or neatly             Entire anthology
                                                                       most of the required      only a few required       constructed
 handwritten, 1 poem per page, &         constructed correctly.
                                                                       elements.                 elements.                 correctly.
 on 8 ½ x 11 white/off white paper.
                Cover                                                  Cover is missing one                                Cover is missing all
                                         Cover includes all required                             Cover is missing many
   Includes a title, author, year, 4th                                 or two required                                     required elements
                                         elements.                                               required elements.
  grade, and a creative illustration.                                  elements.                                           OR is not included.
        Table of Contents
                                                                       Table of Contents is      Table of Contents is      No Table of Contents
 Includes a title in quotation marks,    Table of Contents includes
                                                                       missing some of the       missing many of the       is included in the
 Author (when applicable), Type of       all format requirements.
                                                                       format requirements.      format requirements.      collection.
 poem & poems are in correct order
                                                                       Introduction is not the   Introduction is not the
                                         Introduction is correct
                                                                       correct length            correct length AND
            Introduction                 length and includes                                                               Introduction is
                                                                       AND/OR includes           provides limited
 1-2 paragraph self reflection about     important information about                                                       incomplete AND/OR
                                                                       some information          information about you
 you as a poet and your anthology.       you as a poet & your                                                              not included.
                                                                       about you as a poet &     as a poet & your
                                                                       your anthology.           anthology.
                                         Poem follows the 5 line
                                                                       Poem follows the 5
                                         format. Multi-syllable
          Cinquain Poem                                                line format, creative     Poem follows the 5 line   Poem does not
                                         words have been used that
                                                                       and uses good word        format, but uses basic    follow the correct 5
                                         show much thought was put
                                                                       choice. Some precise      words with few            line format. Includes
 Title: ________________________         into the word choice. Poem
                                                                       adjectives & nouns        precise adjectives &      very basic
                                         is extremely creative, uses
                                                                       were used to create       nouns.                    descriptive words.
                                         precise adjectives & nouns
                                                                       vivid images.
                                         to create vivid images.
                                                                       Poem more or less         Poem's shape & design
                                         Poem takes the shape of an                                                        Poem’s shape &
          Concrete Poem                                                takes the shape of        somewhat reflect the
                                         object that relates to the                                                        design do not reflect
                                                                       chosen theme/topic.       theme or subject of the
                                         poem’s content. Poem is                                                           the theme or subject
                                                                       Some precise              poem. Uses basic
 Title: ________________________         extremely creative, uses
                                                                       adjectives & nouns        words with few
                                                                                                                           of the poem.
                                         precise adjectives & nouns                                                        Includes very basic
                                                                       used to create vivid      precise adjectives &
                                         to create vivid images.                                                           descriptive words.
                                                                       images.                   nouns.
            Haiku Poem                   Poem follows the 5-7-5        Poem has the correct      Poem has the correct      Poem does not
                                         syllable pattern and makes    number of syllables       number of syllables in    follow the 5-7-5
 Title: _______________________          sense. Poem reflects          and makes sense.          1-2 lines and makes       syllable pattern on
                                         something in nature or        Poem reflects             sense. Poem reflects      any line and does
                                     seasons in an original way.      something in nature      something in nature or     not reflect
                                     Uses vivid and interesting       or seasons in a          seasons, but not in an     something in nature
                                     words that linger or draw        somewhat original        original way. Uses         or seasons. Uses a
                                     pictures in the reader's         way. Some vivid and      words that                 limited vocabulary
                                     mind.                            words are used that      communicate clearly,       that does not capture
                                                                      draw pictures in the     but the writing lacks      the reader's interest.
                                                                      reader's mind.           variety, punch or flair.
                                                                                                                          Poems do not utilize
                                                                                               Poems follow correct
                                                                      Poems follow correct                                correct format and
      Optional Poems (2)             Poems follow correct format                               format with most lines
                                                                      format and contain                                  may not contain the
                                     and contain the minimum                                   completed correctly.
                                                                      the minimum number                                  minimum number of
Title #1: ________________________   number of lines. Poems                                    Poems have adequate
                                                                      of lines. Poems have                                lines. Poems have
                                     have excellent word choice,                               word choice and
  Type: ______________________                                        good word choice                                    poor word choice
                                     vivid comparisons, and the                                somewhat vivid
                                                                      and comparisons.                                    with few
                                     connection between objects                                comparisons. The
                                                                      The connection                                      comparisons. The
                                     is clear. Poems display a                                 connection between
Title #2: ________________________                                    between objects is                                  connection between
                                     clear understanding of                                    objects is fairly clear.
                                                                      clear. Poems show                                   objects is weak.
  Type: ______________________       poetic devices (see                                       Shows little
                                                                      some understanding                                  Shows no
                                     vocabulary list for devices).                             understanding of
                                                                      of poetic devices.                                  understanding of
                                                                                               poetic devices.
                                                                                                                          poetic devices.
                                     Reflection includes 1            Reflection includes 1    Reflection includes 1
                                                                                                                          Reflection is
 Favorite Poem Reflection (1)        descriptive paragraph,           paragraph, providing     simple paragraph that
                                                                                                                          incomplete and does
Title #1: ________________________   explaining why the poem          some explanation &       explains why the
                                                                                                                          not adequately
                                     was included in the              examples for why the     poem was included,
 Author: ______________________                                                                                           explain why the
                                     collection, using specific       poem was included in     but lacks in specific
                                                                                                                          poem was included.
                                     examples from the poem.          the collection.          examples.
                                     Illustrations included for all   Illustrations included   Illustrations included     Illustrations not
                                     5 poems.                         for 3-4 poems.           for less than 3 poems.     included.
                                                                      Some time and effort
                                     Much time and effort went                                 More effort and time       Little time and effort
                                                                      went into the creation
                                     into the creation of this                                 needed. Project            evident. Project
                                                                      of this anthology.
Overall Neatness & Creativity        anthology. Project gives                                  shows some planning        lacks in neatness
                                                                      Project is neat and
                                     an impression of neatness,                                and care, but could be     and shoes little
                                                                      shows planning and
                                     creativity, and care.                                     neater.                    planning.
                                                                                               Anthology contains         Anthology contains
                                     Anthology contains correct       Anthology contains a
                                                                                               quite a few grammar,       many grammar,
 Grammar, Punctuation, and           grammar, punctuation, and        couple grammar,
                                                                                               punctuation, and           punctuation, and
        Spelling                     there are no spelling            punctuation, and
                                                                                               spelling mistakes.         spelling mistakes.
                                     mistakes.                        spelling mistakes.

                                                       TOTAL POINTS: ______ / 48

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