Tinora Boys Basketball by W1nA4Z


									         Tinora “Future Rams” Boys Basketball Program
                4th, 5th, and 6th Registration Form
Fundamental Saturdays

Name:____________________________________                         Grade:_______

Parent(s) Name(s): ________________________________________________________

Phone Number:________________________________
Sunday YMCA League and January Scrimmages

_________     Yes, I am interested in playing in the Sunday YMCA League and in the
              January Scrimmages and have included payment of $20.
              (checks payable to: Rob Mahnke)

__________ No, I am not interested in playing in the Sunday YMCA League or in the
              January Scrimmages.
Reversible Practice Jersey

__________ Yes, I need to order a Tinora reversible practice jersey to play in the above
           activities. Please circle the appropriate size below and include an
           additional check for $20.      (checks payable to: Rob Mahnke)

Reversible Jersey Size:         Youth Medium       Youth Large    Adult Small
                          Adult Medium      Adult Large     Adult Extra-Large

___________ No, I already have a Tinora reversible practice jersey.
Adult Volunteer Coach


Phone Number: _____________________________

Interest Level: __________Head Coach or _________ Assistant Coach__________

E-Mail: Coach Rob Mahnke at Mahnke@henry-net.com
Phone: Coach Rob Mahnke at 419-576-6690

Return this Registration Form to the Tinora Elementary Office or to Coach
Mahnke by Saturday, November 1, 2008 or earlier!

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