Poetry Anthology Assignment by ajizai


									                               O’Loughlin Catholic College
                                   Year 9 Humanities

                          Poetry Anthology Assignment
A poetry anthology is a collection of poems. You will choose a poet and select, organise,
and analyse his/her poems in an anthology. You may choose to present your anthology as a
written collection or a multimedia collection.

Task requirements:
Students will:
     Choose a poet and create an anthology of his/her work – minimum of seven poems
     Choose a theme and create an anthology of work – minimum of seven poems
     Identify three forms and ten poetic devices in poems by your chosen poet/theme.
        (You will need to copy the poems and annotate them)

          couplet, tercet, quatrain, sestet, rhyme royal, ottava rima, haiku, limerick, sonnet,
          villanelle, sestina, free verse, etc

          Poetic Devices:
          Rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, assonance, consonance, nasal, onomatopoeia, simile,
          metaphor, allusion, personification, irony, imagery, synaesthesia, metonymy,
          synecdoche, pun, symbolism, theme, hyperbole, understatement, etc

       Annotate each poem in your anthology using the criteria provided in class
       Design a front cover that explains/sums up the poet/theme. Provide an explanation
        for the choice of front cover.
       Choose a piece of music/song that connects to the poet/theme. Provide an
        explanation for the choice of music.
       Create your own poem that is appropriate for your anthology
       Assemble contents into a well presented anthology (front cover and explanation, a
        table of contents, minimum of seven annotated poems, your own poem and a
                                Poetry Anthology Assessment Rubric
                                           Teacher Assessed
Student Name:____________________________                                 Homeroom:__________

                                   Band 5                                           Band 4
  Texts and    All opinions are        Opinions are            Opinions lack            There is no insightful
  contexts     supported with          supported with a few    supporting references interpretation or
               specific references to specific references to   from the poems           specific opinions
               the poems               the poems                                        from the poems
               Accurately analysed     Attempted to analyse    Attempted to analyse Incorrectly or did not
               and interpreted a       and interpret a         and interpret sections analyse or interpret a
               collection of poems     collection of poems     of a collection of       collection of poems
               Agreed or disagreed      Attempted to reflect   Did not reflect on the Briefly summarised
               with the worldview       on similarities and    worldviews;              the poems
               underlying the           differences between    attempted to affirm or
               poems and your own       the worldview          challenge the ideas in
               view                     underlying the         the poems
                                        poems and your own
  Language     Expertly described       Attempted to           Described the            Attempted to explain
  Structures   the ‘world’ of the       describe the ‘world’   characteristics of the   the parts/
  and          poems                    of the poems           poems                    characteristics of the
  Features                                                                              poems
               Expertly described       Described the voice    Described the voice      Incorrectly or did not
               the voice and style of   and style within the   and style within the     describe the voice
               the poems and            poems and described    poems and/or             and style within the
               expertly described       how they are used by   attempted to describe    poems
               how they are used by     the poet               how they are used by
               the poet                                        the poet
               Expertly described       Described the          Described the            Incorrectly or did not
               how language             language choice,       language choice,         describe the language
               choice, form and         form and devices and   form and devices of      choice, form and
               devices were used by     how they were used     the poems and/or         devices of the poems
               the author               by the author          attempted to describe
                                                               how they are used by
                                                               the poet
               Expertly described       Described the poet’s   Described the            Incorrectly or did not
               the poet’s views on      views on the           message of the poem      describe the message
               the message being        message being          and/or attempted to      of the poem
               explored in the          explored in the text   describe the poet’s
               poems                                           view
  Strategies   Expertly annotated       Annotated and          Attempted to             Incorrectly or did not
               information and          recorded information   annotate and record      annotate or record
               quotations from the      and quotations from    information and          information and
               poems to support         the poems to support   quotations from the      quotations from the
               their argument in a      their argument in a    poems to support         poems to support
               later response           later response         their argument in a      their argument in a
                                                               later response           later response
               Used effective           Used strategies to     Attempted to read        Did not read poems
               strategies to read and   read and evaluate      and evaluate poetry
               evaluate poetry          poetry


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