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					                                                                                                   NATIONAL ENGINEERS WEEK
                                               FUTURE CITY COMPETITION®, PHILADELPHIA REGION

                                           FUTURE CITY 2012
                                           SATURDAY, JANUARY TBD, 2012
                                       SHEET METAL WORKERS UNION HALL
                                      1301 S. COLUMBUS BLVD, PHILADELPHIA

The Philadelphia Regional Future City Committee is gearing up again for the 2012 Competition! Schools from
throughout the Philadelphia region are working hard on their cities. Teams made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are
working with their teachers and engineer mentors to:

       Design a city of the future using Maxis SimCity 3000TM software.
       Build a working model of a portion of their city using recycled products.
       Write an essay about city planning and design issues.
       Verbally present their city to a panel of judges from the engineering planning, and architecture communities.

Every year all of the participating teams receive at least one special award. The Future City experience is rewarding for
both students and the dedicated volunteers who make it possible.

We need many volunteers for the following opportunities. Please mark your preferences:

                                                                     Preferred school/area
             I am willing to be a Mentor

             I am willing to be a Judge                              Competition                    Essay
             I am willing to be Special Awards Evaluator             Organization
             for my organization
             I will be available at the competition and am willing to do whatever task is needed

             I will not be able to participate this year but keep me on the list for the future.

                             Sign up on-line at www.futurecityphilly.org, call, fax, or e-mail:

                                                JENNIFER WETZEL
                                                215-573-3935 PHONE
                                                 215-746-6606 FAX
                                jwetzel@upenn.edu or volunteer2011@futurecityphilly.org

                Name                                                Email



                Phone                                               Fax

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