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 Guidance For Producers On Completing An Action Plan

You have been asked to complete and return an Action Plan because a report suggesting a possible welfare
problem has been sent to you and Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) by FSA Operations.

FSA Operations produce a report if it appears your birds had a higher percentage of certain conditions than

Please discuss the completion of the Action Plan with your veterinary surgeon and other advisers. You may find it
useful to discuss the FSA report with them before completing the Action Plan.

There may be no single cause for the issue(s) reported so their advice may be necessary to identify possible
cause(s) and how to reduce their impact or reduce the risk of them recurring in future.

A list of possible issues is overleaf but you may prefer to present the issues and action you propose to take in a
different way on the Action Plan.

Please use the Action Plan template which is available on the Defra website or from AHVLA.

Using the template will ensure you present all the required information and will help AHVLA decide if they need to
visit you and carry out an inspection.

If you do not send AHVLA an Action Plan or it does not supply the required information AHVLA may need to visit
you and carry out an inspection.

AHVLA expect to receive your Action plan within 30 days of contacting you.

WF102 (Rev. 08/11)
List of Possible Issues to be addressed in an Action Plan and some suggestions for how they could be

Please discuss these with your veterinary surgeon or other advisers

Please note that other possible causes of problems exist.

   a) Staffing - increase numbers? More training needed?

   b) Inspection - increase frequency?

   c) Light - increase provision? Change pattern?

   d) Review vaccination or disease control programme?

   e) Improve care of sick or injured birds?

   f)   Change culling policy?

   g) Change thinning policy?

   h) Improve building construction?

   i)   Increase usable area?

   j)   Decrease stocking rate?

   k) Change litter management?

   l)   Increase frequency of topping up?

   m) Monitor humidity during next crop?

   n) Change cleaning and disinfection programme between crops?

   o) Change ventilation system? Obtain specialist advice?

   p) Monitor concentration of carbon dioxide and ammonia during next crop?

   q) Change temperature of house?

   r)   Inspect ventilation equipment more frequently?

   s) Change feed provided?

   t)   Change feeders?

 The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural
             Affairs working across Great Britain on behalf of Defra, the Scottish Government and Welsh Government

WF102 (Rev. 08/11)

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