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									Eco-Schools Action Plan                                            Anytown Nursery School

Eco-Schools Topic:            Waste Minimisation                                                        Date Range of this Plan: 2010-2011

Our overall aims for this Topic are:

                                                    When will it be done                          How will we know
                                                                           How can we                                     How much will it           Did it work?
Action                  Who's in charge?            by? (if ongoing,                              when we're
                                                                           monitor it?                                    cost?                      Any ideas for the future?
                                                    when did it start?)                           successful?
Ask the children        Pre-schoolers, Parent A     December 2010          Make a chart to show   When we get answers            Nothing                Yes - over 80% of the
and parents what        & Mrs X                                            the answers            from nearly everyone                               community responded. We
they think we                                                                                                                                         tallied the results and put
should recycle.                                                                                                                                        them on our Eco Notice
Set up whole-           Mrs A and Parent C.         January 2011           ‘Total-o-meter’ on     Monthly totals                 Nothing              Yes – we’re now working
school rota for                                                            Eco Board              analysed and shared                                on spreading the ‘Reduce’
waste paper             Children to put tally up                                                  with school                                                  message.
collection              on Eco Notice Board

Use the compost         Room 1 collect the          Ongoing                Make a tally to show   When we can use the      Need to get wood for           Too early to tell
bins to recycle our     waste. Room 2 help to                              how much waste we      compost in our school    making compost bin
fruit wase              weigh it.                                          gather                 garden
                        Mrs Y to help.

Find out more           Mr Z and parent B           April 2011             Keep a tally of the    We will raise enough    We can make money               Too early to tell
about recycling old                                                        amount we collect &    money to help a              from this!
clothes to raise                                                           let everyone know      hungry family.
funds for a charity
in the developing
Hold a recycled         Led by HT, all staff to     Start organising       Make sure all          See how many             Nothing, apart from            Too early to tell
Junk Craft Fair for     contribute. Children to     October 2011, to be    children involved      parents/local           paper to make posters.
Christmas.              be asked for their ideas.   held 14 Dec 2011       (PLPs). Tally amount   community members       All staff and parents to
                                                                           of money raised.       attend and how much      start bringing in junk
                                                                           Photos to be taken!    money we raise.                 materials

      Action finished

      Action in progress

      Not started yet

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