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									Step by Step: Setting Up Microsoft Windows XP

Tip: If possible, print this document before starting Setup. Some steps might require you to shut
down the computer, and it will be helpful to have a printed copy of this information.
This document will help you to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home
Edition. This document also provides answers to other setup-related questions.
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Prepare for Setup
Upgrade to Windows XP
Perform a new installation of Windows XP
Transfer files and settings from another computer
Partition and format a hard drive
Perform other Setup-related tasks
Troubleshoot Setup
Create boot disks
Configure a computer to boot from CD
Set up a multiboot system
Repair or recover a system
Find a Microsoft Knowledge Base article
Additional resources

Installation overview
This release of Windows XP includes Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP. If you uninstall this
release of Windows XP, SP2 is automatically uninstalled too. Your computer will be running the
operating system that it was running before you installed Windows XP, or it will not be running an
operating system. You cannot uninstall SP2 only.

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