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					Dear Parents,
Congratulations on your daughter being conditionally chosen to be a part of the 2012 Fall
Cheerleading Squad! Please read the following notice as well as the attached “demerit

Your daughter’s position on the squad is official when I receive the demerit form signed
by parent and cheerleader and an email (to accepting
the position with an up-to-date email for both cheerleader and parent(s). Most
communication will be done via email; it is the parent/cheerleader’s responsibility to
check their accounts frequently.

I look forward to meeting/seeing you and working with your daughter! Our Parent
Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 4th.
        ~Miss Mitchell, Head Coach
    1. Both games and practices are mandatory. The only excuse is a funeral or
        illness. Please try to plan doctor’s visits, work schedules, vacations, and other
        events/obligations around the cheerleading schedule. Also, plan to attend all
        fundraisers to benefit the squad (parents and cheerleaders are asked to
    2. Practice will be held approx 3 times weekly (projected Mon-Wed until 6pm with
        an additional Varsity practice on Thurs). Finalized schedule will be released in
    3. Uniforms are the property of the school. Please encourage and assist your
        daughter in keeping them in the best condition possible. Cheerleaders are not to
        wear their uniforms or warm-ups anywhere but the assigned days at school
        and games. Being caught wearing them at unapproved times will result in
    4. Summer conditioning (Tues 5:30-7:30PM, Thurs 8-10AM) and camp (Ocean
        City, Aug 6-9th) is a crucial experience for all cheerleaders to bond and build
        skills that are needed for the upcoming season. Please plan so your child is able
        (both financially and physically) to attend.
    5. Disrespect/insubordination will not be tolerated in my program. This could
        result in suspension from a game and/or removal from squad- at Miss Mitchell’s
        and the coaching staff’s discretion.
    6. Unfortunately, cyber and verbal bullying have increased among teenagers along
        with inappropriate behaviors online. Let it be clear that it is a privilege for
        your child to be a part of HHS Cheer. If we have reason to believe your child
        has bullied another cheerleader or student in any environment, your child will be
        removed from the squad. Miss Mitchell and her coaching staff hold the right to
        refuse participation to any cheerleader who does not meet the moral and
        behavioral guidelines we set in any environment.
    7. Cheerleaders will be required to attend study hall for the fall season immediately
        following school before practice begins. Students will be excused to work with
        teachers at that time.
        Please note that Miss Mitchell and the other coaches reserve the right to change
        or adapt these rules/regulations at their discretion at any time. A breech in
        these guidelines can result in demerits and/or suspension and/or removal from
        the squad.

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