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									                               T. C. Cherry Elementary PTO

                                     Meeting Minutes

                                    November 21, 2011
Present were: Jennifer Wilkinson, President; Monica McCoy, 1st Vice President; Susan Tweedy,
2nd Vice President; Linda Heady, Secretary; Nikki Moore, Treasurer; Jennifer Shoemake, Family
Resource Coordinator; Kory Twyman, Principal; Amy Bowlin, Melissa Vale, Parent

The meeting started at 5:30PM.

Minutes from the October Meeting were reviewed and approved by Jennifer Shoemake and
Kory Twyman. The financial report was presented by Nikki Moore and included $223 that was
raised by the kissing goat event. The Fall Festival was a huge success, by making a profit of
$3,586. Cookie dough sales allowed for a profit of $2,110 and Holiday Showcase made $2,410.
Family night at ChuckeCheese brought a profit of $130 and Corvette Raffle was $75. From a
review of the finances, it was determined to move $4,600 from the PTO primary bank account
to the Playground Fund.

Upcoming events will include Santa’s Workshop, which is December 13th-16th from 10AM –
noon each day. This event allows students to purchase small priced items for themselves or
someone as a Christmas Present. Volunteers are encouraged to ask Jennifer Shoemake if they
are able to assist.

It was determined that 50 cents per child would be given from the PTO account to each teacher
for a Christmas Craft project. The Cookies for Christmas Program will be December 8th at 6PM
and Theresa will provide Hot Chocolate.

Spring activities tentatively planned for 2012 were discussed and include Family Nights at
Buckhead, Stacks or other local restaurants. Fundraising ideas mentioned were the Candle
Fundraiser, Spring Bazaar, Spring Fling Dance and Little Caesars Pizza Sale.

The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 5:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 PM.

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