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					    A Guide to
Fundraising Success
         40% Guaranteed Fundraisers
 These convenient fundraisers boast an easy one-page flyer
  and order form. Your organization will receive 40% of all
                sales from these fundraisers.

 Anew is the world’s leading mass market anti-aging skin care brand offering
breakthrough products infused with innovative technology at affordable prices.

     Avon is the #1 manufacturer of mass-market fragrance worldwide.

 Moisture Therapy, Foot Works, and Advance Techniques
Moisture Therapy is an affordable way to keep skin hydrated. Keep moisture
in and dryness out! Foot Works is spq-quality products designed to cleanse,
moisture, and pamper. Advance Techniques salon-quality products serve the
        needs of every hair type, age group, and ethnic background.

 Avon Naturals offers an array of gentle, moisturizing cleansers, lotions, and
   body sprays and shampoos that create a light bath experience and are
                 available in a variety of refreshing scents.

  Skin So Soft, is one of Avon’s best-loved brands offering a line of bath and
                        body products for all skin types.

 mark is the beauty brand that celebrates remarkable young women who are
                       making their mark in the world.
Full-Brochure Fundraiser

   These exciting fundraisers allow your
organization to take advantage of the wide
    range of products that Avon offers!

 Order Size          Earnings          Your Earnings
                    Percentage           Potential
$1550 or more          40%                $620.00+
 $900-$1549            35%            $315.00-$542.15
  $425-$899            30%            $127.50-$269.70
  $285-$424            25%             $71.25-$106.00
  $145-$284            20%             $29.00-$56.80

Products in the brochure marked with a  symbol will be
           paid at a 10% organization earning.
         Consider the following scenario fundraiser:

                 A Little League organization of 300 participants

             Candy Bars                           Avon Skin So Soft

  Each participant is responsible for   Each participant sells 20 units of Skin-
selling a case of candy bars (52 bars). So-Soft Bug Guard Plus or Sun Care.

              50% profit                               40% profit

         15, 600 units to sell                     6,000 units to sell

  $0.50 profit on each bar = $26.00       $2.00 profit on each unit = $40.00
        profit each participant                 profit each participant

     $26.00 x 300 participants =              $40.00 x 300 participants =
          $7,800 profit                          $12,000 profit

             The Avon fundraiser pays out $4200 more in profit…
                         With 9,600 less units sold!

               With less time and fewer customers to reach,
               Avon offers more profit for your organization!
       Benefits of an Avon Fundraiser

     Your organization can have its money in hand in as few as
         three weeks from the start of the fundraiser.

              There’s minimal paperwork to complete.

               No need to buy merchandise up front.

   No door-to-door selling! Since the average customer order is
over $15, participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors
      and friends and still produce a profitable fundraiser.

                        never marked up to offer your profit!
  Your earnings are based on the retail value of our products.

        All products are backed by Avon’s 100% satisfaction

            Your organization can earn 40% of all sales!

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