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									                       Euxton War Memorial Group

                        Wednesday 23rd March 2011

                               Minutes of meeting

Attending ;

Steve Berry, Jim Brotherston, Susan Balshaw, Lynn Longton, Brian Leydon, Brian
Moulton, Debra Platt

1.     Welcome and Introductions
       Jim Brotherston – Thank you for attending, discussion regarding a relevant
       opening of each meeting, it was agreed that a minute of silence would be adopted
       at the start of each meeting.
       Minute of silence proposed by Brian Leydon and seconded by Brian Moulton.

2.     Apologies, minutes from previous meeting
       Apologies sent by Annette Markland.

       Minutes from previous meeting read through by Jim Brotherston particular notes
       given to following sections ;

       4. Bank. The Chairman requested that a third signatory be added to the bank
       documents, Brian Moulton agreed to be a third signatory.

       5. Letters. Letters to the Parish council have yet to be written, once the bank
       account is opened for the memorial group letters will be sent requesting transfer
       of donated monies.

       7. Research Update. Lynn Longton has been in touch with the Parish Church and
       it was suggested that letters to the Parish Church regarding land enquiries were
       sent in as soon as possible as the process of response can be lengthy.

       The minutes of the AGM meeting were proposed as being accurate by Susan
       Balshaw and seconded by Lynn Longton.

3.     Constitution amendments, bank account
       Steve Berry outlined that the constitution was amended after the AGM from the
       Euxton Memorial Group to the Euxton War Memorial Group.

       The bank account has yet to be opened and Jim Brotherston outlined that the
       Chorley Building society had the most favourable rates seen so far.
4.   Confirmation of selected areas, discussion of preference
     The areas of preference were discussed during recital of meeting minutes from the
     21st Feb meeting.
     It was agreed that letters would be sent out to the Parish Church to find out more
     about the areas of land next to the Parish Church car park and at the front of the
     Parish Church Community Centre.

5.   Research update
     It was agreed that the researching would be the subject of a more detailed
     discussion at a later meeting.
     Susan Balshaw demonstrated a new software package that was being used to
     collate data on those named for current inclusion on the memorial.
     It was suggested that a letter should be written to the secretary of the Insty to find
     out if any names exist on a plaque which is thought to have survived the fire and
     rebuild of The Euxton War Memorial Club.

6.   Fundraising update
     Steve Berry outlined fundraising activities since the last meeting ;

     The Euxton War Memorial Club have agreed to help the group by offering free
     use of their function room for fundraising activities.
     Local publicans at the Talbot and Bay Horse public house have signalled their
     support in helping the group fundraise.

     It was noted that a letter should be sent to the Parish Church group to thank them
     in allowing the War Memorial Group free use of the meeting rooms at the Parish
     Church Community Centre.

     Letters to be sent to Bolton Wanderers, Euxton Cricket Club, Euxton Villa and
     the Blue Elephant restaurant requesting involvement in fundraising activities.

7.   Public Participation

     No comments were made during this agenda item

8.   Any Other Business

     Jim Brotherston, thank you to all who attended the meeting.

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