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									                                                                                           July 2006

RACE NIGHT                                              FAMILY PICNIC
A big thank you to Justine Marvine                      The Family picnic is on this weekend.
and Cath Coles for organising the                       We look forward to seeing every one,
Race night. A really great time was                     touch wood the weather will be kind to us. We hope
had by all. A lot of money passed through a lot of      this will be a great way to wind down at the end of
hands and to those that won well done, for those        term. Thanks in advance for all those whom will be
that went home a little lighter in the pocket, don’t    helping to clear up after the event.
forget that all the money went to a good cause.
£783 was raised for the school.
                                                                      VOUCHER COLLECTIONS
                                                                     Another  great    year  collecting
           MAY FAIR                                               vouchers. We received a cheque from
            The May Dancing and the Crowning of
            the May King and Queen was spectacular      Nestlé for   £95 , which will be put towards books
            as always and we hope you all enjoyed       for the library. This year the school has managed to
            the jungle theme. The rain almost held      collect over 57000 vouchers from Sainsbury’s and
            off until the end but it didn't seem to     Tesco's. The Tesco vouchers were used to boost
dampen spirits too much. A big thank you to Laura       the sports supplies such as stopwatches, skills
Hammond, Maxine Cooper and Sally Sadler for             boards, trikes and rounders equipment as well as
organizing, and to all the Friends, Staff and Parents   buying software packages for the school computers.
for helping with the preparations and on the day. As    Sainsbury vouchers will be used to purchase more
always we were well supported by local businesses.      sports equipment, which will be delivered in the
                                                        autumn. The Nestlé scheme runs throughout the
This years total was just over   £2,300!                year so keep collecting them and we'll be back in
                                                        September with the collection boxes.
Sally-ann Eade and Natalie Marett                       OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENT
ran a stall at Oakfield's Summer Fair
- Face Painting. Making a profit of
£21.50.                                                 I would just like to remind parents
                                                        that much of the work carried out to maintain and
                                                        improve the outside environment is done by parents.
Car Boot Sale                                           The school could chose to spend more of its budget
Thanks to Sally-ann Eade for
                                                        on the outside environment but this would mean
organizing the car boot sale.
                                                        that these funds could not be spent on other
The weather was a bit unreliable and the heavens
                                                        important items within the school. The more people
opened half an hour before we were suppose to
                                                        that can give up an hour or two a few times a year
finish. It meant a quick tidy up and a respectable
                                                        to help improve this part of the school – the more
£193.86 profit for the school.
                                                        we can do. Please take some time to look at the
                                                        facilities that exist in the playground that would
              SPORTS DAY                                not be there if it wasn’t for the efforts of the OEC
               A big Thank You to Maxine Cooper for
                                                        and our loyal supporters:
               organizing the refreshments, fruit
                                                         We cleaned out the pond and surrounding area.
and ice lollies for sports day and to Emma Paterson
                                                         We erected the hurdle fencing in the reception
for helping to run the stall on the day. Thanks to
the parents who made cakes to sell on the day .          We made the sandpit in reception playground.

                                  The Friends of FVIS
   We tidied up and laid more bark chippings round    you have ideas on how we should spend our hard-
    the wild area.                                     earned funds then let us know about that too. Any
   We re-felted the friends’ shed that had been       new ‘shopping list’ items will have to be discussed
    badly leaking for a while.                         with the staff at FVIS – but if supported will be
   We kept the playground equipment maintained        purchased by the Friends.
    and safe.
                                                       NEW COMMITTEE
There are still lots of plans for the outside          We are coming to the end of another academic year
environment so please look out for information on      and that means - we start looking forward to
the next working groups and come down for an hour      fundraising events for next year. In order to do
or two to help out. Bring down the children to         this - we need some volunteers to join the Friends
help/play in a safe environment. Drinks and biscuits   organisation and to support the various events
are always provided.                                   throughout the year. We are also in need of a new
We are always looking for new people to join. Please   Vice chair. If you would like to learn more, or if you
contact Gary London if you are interested on 01372     would like to volunteer for next year’s committee,
817079.                                                please complete the slip at the bottom of the
                                                       newsletter and return it to the office - or just give
WHAT       YOUR     MONEY       HAS                    me a call (Irene on 01372 376210).
A big thank you to all you parents who
                                                       DATES    FOR YOUR      DIARY:
have supported the fundraising
events this year. We made just over      £8,500!       Wednesday 19th September                9.15am      –
Another successful and fun filled year. Here is a      Welcome coffee morning
summary of the items we have purchased this year:      This is not just for new parents but also an
    Supporting the school curriculum by funding       opportunity for year 1 and 2 to get to know other
       school trips. Year 1 and 2 went to Hampton      parents.
       Court. Year R went to Horton Park Farm and       27th September 7:00pm - Friends AGM and
       Preschool went to crazy tots. A total of        Governor Report to Parents
       £1720 was spent.                                Please put this date in your diary and come along to
    New       equipment     for   the    reception    find out exactly what the Friends have been up to
       playground including fencing and sand pit.      this year. It's not just an excuse to recruit more
    New schoolbooks.                                  helpers - there's free wine, a short presentation
    A Canopy for the Reception playground.            from the governors and the teachers usually
    And the usual school support items such as        organize a demonstration or two as well.
       lunchtime play equipment, class Christmas       Saturday 13th October – Autumn Quiz night
       presents, Year 2 leavers’ party and             Our first social event of the school year, come and
       maintenance supplies for the outside            join in the fun and meet new parents. There will be
       environment.                                    champagne and shepherds pie.
And there are a few more things to come
    New books - lots and lots of new books for        AND    LAST BUT NOT LEAST.....
       the library, the reading schemes and            I would like take this opportunity to thank the
       resources to support various teaching topics    Friends committee for all their hard work this year
                                                       and also all the staff at FVIS for their help and
SUGGESTIONS                                            support, in particular Mrs. Whetstone and the
Don’t forget – we are always on the                    kitchen and office staff.
lookout for new fundraising and/or social              Also - on behalf of the Friends and the Children and
events to run at the school so if you have             Staff at FVIS - can I thank you the parents for
particularly enjoyed or disliked any of the events     your continued support and wish you all a great
please let the committee know. Or - if you have any    summer break.
ideas for something we haven’t tried before – then     See you at the AGM in September.
pass on those ideas too. And very importantly – if

                                 The Friends of FVIS
The Friends of FVIS
Fundraising Ideas/Comments
I have the following comments on previous fundraising events and/or would like you to consider running the
following event(s) or I would like the school to consider spending money on the following items/services:


If you would like to remain anonymous then do not fill out the next section but if you do add your details, we
will be able to follow-up on any issues or ideas.
Name __________________________ Child’s Name and Class___________________________

Contact Telephone Number_______________________________________________________

Friends of FVIS
I am interested in finding out more/joining the Friends 2006/2007. Please give me a call to discuss.

Name __________________________ Child’s Name and Class___________________________

Contact Telephone Number_______________________________________________________

                                    The Friends of FVIS

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