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					BIKE CUBA 2012                                    250 miles seems a long way! Am I fit
YOUR QUESTIONS                                    enough?
                                                  You do not have to be super fit to take part,
ANSWERED                                          the pace will be suited to those of average
                                                  fitness. However, we strongly recommend
                                                  that you undertake training, cycling regularly
£2,800 is a lot of sponsorship money, will I      on different terrain on consecutive days with
be able to raise that amount?                     some long distances in the weeks leading up
Please read tips on raising sponsorship           to departure. Please consult your doctor to
money. There are many different ways of           give you advice as to what immunisations are
raising money, through your friends and           required. If you are over 65 years of age or
family, organising a fundraising event or         suffer from a medical condition that is
asking companies and businesses to support        affected by exercise you must obtain a
you, and don’t forget that we are here to help.   medical certificate.
If you are unsure about anything or thinking
about organising an event please telephone        What does the BIKE CUBA 2012 Challenge
0151 228 0353 and we will help you any way        include?
we possibly can. The best way to receive          Scheduled return flights inclusive of UK
sponsorship is to set up an online fundraising    airport taxes, visas all accommodation, food,
page. Visit Virgin Money Giving                   non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments on the
( or JustGiving         cycling days. All ground and luggage
( for more information.        transfers, multi-geared mountain bikes and all
                                                  necessary back-up including support
What happens if I can’t raise the                 vehicles, English speaking medic and guides.
sponsorship money?
We do request that the set amount of              What do I need to provide?
sponsorship money is raised and that              When you register to take part in the Cycle
100% of the money must be paid to the             Charity Challenge we request a fee of £400
charity 10 weeks before departure. If you do      and. You will also need to provide your
not raise this amount you are liable to forfeit   personal travel insurance and cover Cuban
your place on the ride. However, if you do        airport taxes. We will send you details on how
experience unexpected difficulties, please        to apply for a visa to Cuba. You will also need
telephone us.                                     kit including cycle helmets. Please note lunch
                                                  on day 7 and lunch and dinner on day 8 is not
What kind of support is there?                    included.
There will be full medical, (bike rides:
mechanical support) and English speaking          Will there be the opportunity to meet the
guides. There will also be support vehicles       group beforehand?
for participants to ride in, in case, for any     Yes. We will be organising and information
reason they are unable to continue. A             day prior to departure which will be an
representative from the charity will also be      opportunity to meet other members of the
cycling alongside you.                            group and ask any questions you may have
                                                  regarding the trip. Details to follow.
When is the trip going to happen?
The trip will take place the 2012 Bike Cuba       Can I stay on?
Challenge due to take place from Sunday 11th      Yes. Contact John in our Fundraising Team
to Monday 19th March 2012.                        on 0151 228 0353 for more details. Until we

Any questions, contact John McCormack on tel: 0151 228 0353 or email john@zoes-
have booked the flights, extensions cannot
be granted.                                        Do I need specialist kit?
                                                   We will supply you with a list of what you will
What is the average age?                           need to take, recommending the type of kit
It is impossible to give an average age. The       that you will require. One of the essential
minimum age to take part is 18, but there will     items that you must provide for bike rides is a
be people of all ages. The challenge has           cycling helmet and wear it at all times when
been designed to be inclusive of all ages but      cycling. Padded shorts and cyling gloves are
training prior to the trip is required.            also useful given the miles covered.

Where will we stay?                                Do I need insurance?
All overnight stays will be in hotels located at   Each individual must arrange for adequate
each stop. Please note this is a charity event     insurance cover. You may organise this
so hotels may not be of the highest quality.       personally, or alternatively it may be arranged
This cost is covered as part of the overall        through Classic Tours at an additional cost.
cost of the trip.                                  You are asked to provide proof of insurance
                                                   cover 8 weeks before departure. You must
Will I have to carry my kit?                       bring and wear a cycle helmet at all times
No, all luggage will be carried in support         when cycling to fulfil our insurance
vehicles. Small bum bags are useful for            requirements.
carrying small items with you.


To take part in the BIKE CUBA 2012 please read the information very carefully,
complete the attached registration form and send it to the following address:

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice
Life Health Centre
Yew Tree Road
West Derby
L19 9HH

Any questions, contact John McCormack on tel: 0151 228 0353 or email john@zoes-

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