Hit & Myth: Hospice Fundraising

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					Hit & Myth:
Fact & Fiction in Fundraising

Jonathan Farnhill
Regional Chair, Institute of Fundraising
Business Development Manager, Royal School for the Deaf Exeter

Email: jfarnhill@rsd-exeter.org.uk
Hit & Myth

Donation as:
 Gift
 Guilt
 Growth
 Gratitude
Hit & Myth

 Sometimes    even a blind chicken
  finds some grain
 Plant a tree under whose shade
  you do not expect to sit.
 More haste, less speed
 PR leads to fundraising
 Events lead to legacies
Hit & Myth

 Wait until you see the whites of
  their eyes
 Working with another charity will be
  more effective
 The Donor Pyramid
 Say please and thank you
 Generic fundraising
Hit & Myth

 Build it and they will come
 Build it and they will come
 Web sites raise you money
 ‘people’ don’t like telephone
 Passion and desire will cover up
  most fundraising faults
Hit & Myth

 Fail to plan is to plan to fail
 Fundraising is the same as sales
 Giving is action by proxy
 Be ‘ambushed by the truth’
 “The glass isn’t half full or half
  empty, it’s not what I ordered in the
  first place”
Hit & Myth

 Avoiding risks does not give safety
  but obsessions
 “Quantity is more important than
 “Imagination is the quality that
  facilitates compassion”
 Numbers ask questions, they don’t
  give answers
Hit & Myth

 “Poor people can’t afford cheap
 £1,000 is not £1,000; it is £250 x 4
 “I happened to see you passing
  through my life, so I thought I’d love
  you. ”

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