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									                         Heartland Elementary PTO

                      Minutes for March 26th, 2009
                   Heartland Elementary School Library

Attendance: Emily Campbell, Shawn Rich, Stacie McCune and other
members/parents not listed as officers.

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by Shawn Rich.

President’s report: Mr. Bellware was not in attendance. No report.

Vice President’s report: Mr. Rich reviewed the agenda.

Secretary’s report: Copies of the February 22nd PTO minutes were
distributed to attendees. Ms. McCune indicated that the minutes will be
posted on the school website after approval and hard copies placed in
the school office. Executive committee minutes will also be posted on the
school website. Amy Brown made a motion to approve the minutes with
a second from Shannon England. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s report: Mr. Smith was not in attendance. According to the EC
minutes, a current balance of $9,773.96 remains at this time, subject to

Committee Reports:
  a. Fundraising: Jessica Hundley reported that the fundraising
     committee voted and agreed to have one festival a year instead
     of a Fall and Spring Festival. Current attention will be directed to
     the Coke fundraiser and Fun Run in May. It is suggested that the
     committee look at the cost/benefit from fundraisers this year to
     determine future fundraising activities and develop a Master
     Schedule/Plan that we can build upon and communicate to
     parents on a more frequent basis. Mr. Kim reported on the Mulch
     fundraiser. Over 300 flyers were sent and only 2 responses have
     been collected to date. There was a suggestion to extend the
     fundraiser one month. Concerns were expressed regarding the
     extension because of the requirement to purchase an entire truck
     load of mulch in order to proceed with the fundraiser. It was noted
     that the cost is not likely to be covered by sells at time, possibly due
     to the economy, recent ice storm, multiple fundraising, and timing.
     Shannon England made a motion to hold off on extending the
     Mulch fundraiser this year but instead, she recommended this to be
     on the Master Schedule for the following year. Mr. Kim seconded
     the motion. Motion approved.
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   b. Playground: Carol Brown reported that ideas for fundraising have
      been discussed and the committee is waiting for the nonprofit tax
      status to be approved before initiating those activities. She
      recommended that it would be helpful to purchase a few pieces of
      equipment (i.e., swings, soccer goal, basketball goal, etc.) as a
      start. Mr. Rich suggested starting with a plan of specific equipment
      that can be purchased and to fundraise for that specific piece of
      equipment first, then build upon it piece by piece. A parent
      suggested breaking the plan into different phases for completion. It
      was also suggested that we look into other options such as
      concrete squares, etc. for the parking lot and other areas around
      the school that may be less of an expense currently and be utilized
      as a play area for students. Parent suggestions for grants/loans
      include Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the Dollar Store. When looking at
      phases for implementation of a playground, it was suggested that
      the committee investigate to ensure the equipment will be
      available in future years.

   c. Teacher appreciation: Ms. McCune reported on the success of
      Soup Day and thanked parents for participation. Pot luck meals are
      successful and well appreciated by the teachers. Teacher
      Appreciation week (May 4th) was discussed and ideas presented.
      Teacher appreciation falls on the same week as school wide
      testing. Both activities will need to be addressed that week. A
      Derby theme was suggested. Ms. McCune welcomed all ideas and
      provided her email for communication.

New Business: Ms. Campbell reported that Heartland Open House is
scheduled for July 30th. Mr. Rich discussed purchasing a portion of school
supplies to assist and offset parent expense. The PTO will review the list of
supplies and present recommendations to the general group. The
nominations for PTO officers and SBDM are currently being received.
Elections for both PTO and SBDM will occur at the next scheduled PTO
meeting on Thursday, April 30th. Ms. McCune will collect the nominations
a week prior to voting and will develop bios for each nominee that can
be sent out early the week of the voting.

Ms. Campbell reported on the Windstream grant video for technology
that was created by Kelly Cox and Amelia Owen. Heartland is in the top
20 recipients up for review. The top 8 schools will receive over $20,000 for
technology in the school. Mr. Rich reviewed the Needs/Wants list of PTO
purchases this year to benefit the school. A copy was presented to
members with the PTO minutes.

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The next PTO meeting is scheduled for April 30th, 2009 at 6:00 pm. The PTO
executive board is scheduled to meet again on Sunday, April 26th at 3:00
pm at Heartland Elementary School. This information will be added to the
school website located at the following:

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Stacie McCune
PTO Secretary

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