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					Application Ref:                                                                   Date received

                        Wellbeing Activity Fund
                          for Older People with Mental Health Needs.

                       Deadline Friday 3rd August 2012, by 4pm
                              LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED

                                        REVISED – June 2012

                           FUNDING APPLICATION
Before completing your application, you must read the guidance notes (see Page 10), carefully.
Complete the application correctly by ensuring all questions are answered fully and adequately.
Use separate sheets if required for each question. Please ensure you write clearly.

SECTION 1 - About you and your group

1.1 Organisation name:
(this MUST be the same as the name of the bank account/constitution)
If the organisation is part of a larger or national organisation, what is its name:

1.2. Address:                                         Telephone:
                                                      E Mail:
1.3. Name of Contact person(s):                       Post held in organisation:

1.4 Please give a brief description of what your group/organisation does.
(no more than 200 words)

1.5: Please mention what experience your organisation has working with older people
with mental health needs?
Please mention your staff experience, knowledge and skills working with mental health issues.

SECTION 2 – Your proposal and target group

2.1. Activity Summary - Please provide a summary of the project that you would like us
to fund. What specific activities will you deliver? Where will the activity run from? How many sessions
will you deliver? Be realistic and not just provide a list of activities. Mention if this is a new or an
existing project. Please be clear of what your activity will deliver. (Not more than 200 words)

2.2. Mental Health Needs
What are the mental health needs of the older people you are proposing to work with? Please tell us
how you have identified these needs?

2.3. Target Group
How will you engage with older people with mental health needs? Are they already in contact with
your organisation? How will you engage new older people?

 2.4. Benefits. Please explain what differences your proposed activities will make to older people’s
mental health and wellbeing? How many older people and/or carers will benefit?

2.5. Monitoring – How will you monitor the success of your project? How will you evidence your
achievements? I.e. keeping attendance registers, photographs, comments book, case studies etc

SECTION 3 – Planning & Resourcing the Activity

3.1. Planning your Social Activity?

Please provide a clear outline describing your activities over the lifetime of the project? For example,
what you propose to do in Month 1, month 2 etc? What is your anticipated start and end date of the

Start date:___________________ Finish date:__________________

3.2. Risk Assessments
Do you anticipate any risks in the delivery of your proposed activities? If so, what risks have you

3.3. Further Training
Please list any training you think could be relevant to the delivery of your project, e.g. Mental Health
Awareness, Dementia training, etc.


4.1. Grant request
How much do you need from the Wellbeing Activity Fund?                    £
(The maximum amount you can apply for is £5,000)

4.2.   Budget
Please provide a clear breakdown of your proposed activity (refer to the guidance notes for information on eligible

INCOME                                             Amount (£)        Further information (if applicable)

Grant (requested from the Wellbeing Activity
Other grants (Please specify)

Income through charging (for this particular
Other income generated (for this particular
scheme) (Please specify)

                                Total Income

Cost heading                                       Amount (£)         Further Information (if applicable)

                         TOTAL EXPENDITURE         £

 (Use additional sheets if necessary)

4.3    Have you received funding from us before?

           □ Yes.        □ No

If yes, are you proposing to continue the project or is this a new project?

Please note:
You must ensure that any current project is fully completed and you have submitted the End of Project Report with
actual expenditure information

Your organisation will not be eligible to apply until the necessary documents are received.

4.4. Are you currently in receipt of any other funding to work with older people?
            □ Yes.       □ No

If yes, please state what funding you are currently receiving, who your funders are? And what
activities are you delivering?

4.5. Do you propose to charge a contribution for this activity?
                               □ Yes.      □ No

If yes, How much do you propose to charge? What do you propose to do with the income?

SECTION 5 – Sustainability

5.1. Sustaining your project - Do you propose to continue your activity once this funding
comes to an end? If so, how?

SECTION 6 – Supporting Documents
6.1 Please send the following with the application:

 Your group’s governing documents (i.e. constitution, memorandum of
 articles, trust deed etc)
 Your group’s most recent annual accounts
 (or financial projection if new organisation operating less than 1 year)

If for any reason you cannot send these, please explain why:

6.2 Policies (checklist)

Please tick to confirm that your organisation has the following policies.

Equal Opportunities Policy □                               Health & Safety Policy □
Safeguarding Adults Policy □                               Public Liability Insurance □

6.3 Bank Details
(If your funding is approved, then we will use your bank account to make grant payments).

Name of account (as it appears on bank statement) …………………………………………………………………….

Bank name and address…………………………………….……………………………………………………………………

Sort Code: ____ /____ /____        Account Number…………………………………

How did you hear about us? _______________________________________________________

SECTION 7 –Declaration

7. Project Declaration

I certify that the information given is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Signature ………………………………………….………………………………….

Print Name ………………………………………………………….

Position in group: ………………………………………. Date: ………………………

                      Deadline Friday 3rd August 2012, by 4pm

Please ensure you affix the correct postage as we cannot be responsible for late or lost
applications. Acknowledgements are only sent upon request.

Send your application to:

The Health & Wellbeing Team,
Suite 28, Carlisle Business Centre, 60 Carlisle Road,
Bradford, BD8 8BD,

Tel: 01274 438777
Fax: 01274 436688

Or E-mail to: habibur.rahman@bradford.gov.uk
The Wellbeing Activity Fund is part of the Health & Wellbeing Team, Adult & Community Services.

                  Information & Guidance Notes

                              THE WELLBEING ACTIVITY FUND

Wellbeing Activity Fund - Extending Mental Health Support in the VCS Sector
The aim of the ‘Wellbeing Activity Fund’ is to support the expansion of a therapeutic social activity
programme of sessional and community based social activities, aimed at older people with mild to
moderate mental health needs. The fund aims to address issues around depression, low mood,
difficulties remembering, anxiety or feeling worried, feelings of loneliness/isolation, and any other
mental health issues.

The intended outcome of the Wellbeing ‘Activity’ Fund is to deliver services to help older people with
mental health needs and their carers to improve their quality of life, to stay independent and healthy!

National estimates show that 40% of older people attending GP surgeries experience mental health
problems of some kind, most frequently in relation to their memory or mood—so improving services in
this area is a high priority both locally and across the whole country!

  Be creative to suit the needs of older people with mental health needs in your community!!

 In the light of the current financial climate and the competitiveness of the Wellbeing Activity Fund, the
 Grant Appraisal Panel has now made the following recommendations (in addition to the existing
 wellbeing fund criteria’s) to ensure the fund goes a lot further and benefits a range of groups.

        Organisations that have received funding from the WAF ‘3 times or more’ and organisations
         which are currently in receipt of Older People Commissioned funding will no longer be seen
         as a funding priority, unless there is no other services provided in the locality and/or able to
         demonstrate a particular need.

 Please also note – if you receive funding from Bradford’s Councils Adult & Community Service as
 part of the ‘Older People Commissioning’ Service, you can still apply but you must be able to
 demonstrate that the wellbeing activity that you are proposing (to be funded by the Wellbeing Activity
 Fund) is:

        Held on a separate day/time than your commissioned older people activity.
        To encourage and promote services to new older people with a mental health or wellbeing
         needs to attend and not the same service users as your older people ‘commissioned’ service.
         Existing service users may attend where there is a clear mental health or wellbeing need.

  The Wellbeing Activity Fund encourages applications from:

        Community organisations that have a mental health focus and have experience in project
         delivery and/or have innovative ideas in providing wellbeing, stimulating, and social activities
         for older people with a mental health or wellbeing need.

We will normally fund activities between £500 and £5000. The average grant awarded
previously was £3500.

The Wellbeing Activity Fund is a small community chest style funding scheme and designed to pay
direct costs towards older people’s wellbeing activities, although contribution to expenses &
overheads will be considered.

(Please see below for general limitations as a guideline on what can be applied for).

         A maximum of £500 per budget for refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits)
         A maximum of £500 per budget for trips, outings or celebration event.
         A maximum of £500 volunteer expenses
         Up to £500 for minor refurbishment costs (this will be considered if it directly benefits older
         Up to £500 for equipment (this will be considered if it directly benefits older people).
         Up to £10 per hour for Sessional workers and support staffs.
         Up to £25 per hour professional services, i.e. therapists, exercise tutors etc.
         Management, Overheads, Maximum of 10% of total budget, e.g. £500 max if applying for a
          £5,000 grant.


         Individuals
         Statutory organisations
         Residential/nursing homes
         Profit making organisations
         Purely religious or political activities
         We will not fund capital requests (although minor refurbishment may be considered)
         Food related activities i.e. luncheon clubs cook and eat sessions, etc.
         Research/needs assessment consultation
         Enhancement of existing commissioned services

Applications will be assessed and considered by our multi-agency appraisal panel.

Once decisions are made, you will be receiving confirmation within 12 weeks after the deadline.


Whilst developing your project, please take into account the following appraisal criteria.

Your project must work with older people* with mental health needs. Your target group that you
are proposing to work with must be clear and you must demonstrate that there is a mental
health or wellbeing need. We will also take account the following factors:

         Do you currently receive funding from Bradford Council’s Adult & Community Services
          to deliver older people services?
              Does your proposed activity promote equality and diversity?
              Do your proposed wellbeing activities have community support? Older people
              Does the proposed activity provide value for money?
              Is your proposed activity viable? I.e. deliverable? Is it realistic?
              Is your activity based within the Bradford & Airedale district?
              Does your organisation/group have good governance arrangements to deliver this
               type of activity?
*In general, the project defines Older People as 60 or over.

If approved, you would be expected to complete:

1) End of Project Report -. This report will require you to provide the following information:

 Quantitative information e.g. attendance registers, age breakdown, ethnicity, gender,
  postcodes etc.
 Qualitative information - gather brief individual good news ‘stories’ (‘case studies, photographs’
  etc), as well as the difference it has made to older people.
 Finance information – how you have spent the grant.

Our team will also carry out:

2) A Mid Project visit – a member of our team will visit you to evaluate your project and provide any
support that you may have in delivering your activity.

We will be accepting applications until:

                                     Friday 3rd August 2012, by 4pm
                                   LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

  The appraisal panel will meet in September 2012. You will be expected to hear from us early
  October 2012. Please do not contact us before this date.

                                                               Good luck!


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