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					         GADDUM CENTRE
Gaddum Centre is a well-respected independent voluntary sector organisation
established in 1833 - with a long history of providing quality services in the
field of social and health care.

Gaddum Centre believes that people receiving services have the right to
quality information and support to enable them to make informed choices
about their lives.

Gaddum Centre works together with other service providers in the voluntary,
statutory and private sectors and has partnership arrangements covering a
range of services.

Present services include:
 Advice, Information and Advocacy
 Primary Care Counselling in GP Surgeries
 Staff Care
 Children and Families Bereavement Service
 Children and Families Paediatric Palliative Care Service
 Training and Education (student placements)
 PRT Salford Carers’ Centre
 PRT Bury Carers’ Centre
 POPP’s work
 Charitable Pensions
 Carers’ Advocacy in Manchester, Bury and Oldham
 Parent Carers’ Transition Work
 Charitable Trust Administration
 Rochdale Local Involvement Network – LINk
 Oldham Local Involvement Network - LINk

Gaddum Centre provides services to individuals, families, agencies, local and
health authorities, the professions and companies.

The work is funded in many ways, including revenue funding, contracts,
donations and payment for some services.

In most cases services are free to families and individuals, however, people
can purchase services for themselves where they are not otherwise funded.

Some services are geographically restricted depending on the type of service
and the funding involved.

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