Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (Diploma) by bbl8RD1


									Machine Tool Technology                                                                      Non-selective
Maysville Community & Technical College                                                 Machine Tool Technology
                                                                                 Associate of Applied Science Degree
Program Coordinator:           Michael R. Davis
Contact Information:           606-783-1538 ext. 66336  Room B 210
[Academic Plan Code: 4805037019; Academic Program Code: ENTC; CIP Code: 48050300]

                                                      Credit     Semester          Notes:
General Education & Support Classes                   Hours       Taken                1. Additional electives can lead to AAS degree
Heritage/Humanities                                     3                                 in GOTS- -see check sheet.
Science                                                 3                              2. Required minimum ACT or
Electives                                              3-4                                COMPASS scores
Social Interaction                                      3                                            Math              Reading       Writing
Computer Literacy                                      0-3                         ACT               18                18            18
Choose One:                                                                        COMPASS           34                76            57
MT115 Technical Mathematics                             3                                 See COMPASS Placement Scores in Master Advising
MT125 Technical Algebra and                             3                                 Quick Guide for placement into developmental courses.
Trigonometry Or Higher
Choose One
COM181 Basic Public Speaking                            3
COM252 Intro to Interpersonal                           3
                        Subtotal Credits              14-22

Core Requirements                                    Credit      Semester        Core Requirements cont’d                      Credit    Semester
                                                     Hours        Taken                                                        Hours      Taken
Taken upon program admission
MTT110 Fundamentals of Machine Tool A                   3                        MTT2301 Intro to Conversational                 3
And                                                                              Programming AND
MTT112 Fundamentals of Machine Tool B                   4                        MTT2302 Conversational Editing and              3
OR                                                                               Subroutines
MTT114 Fundamentals of Machine Tool                    (7)                       OR
                                                                                 MTT230 Conversational Programming               (6)
MTT118 Metrology/Control Charts                         3                        MTT2401 Intro to 3D Sequencing & Tool            3
                                                                                 Path Production AND
                                                                                 MTT2402 Advanced 3D Code Sequencing             3
                                                                                 &Macro Systems
                                                                                 MTT240 Introduction to 3-D Programming          (6)
MTT120 Applied Machining I AND                          3                        BRX110 Basic Blueprint Reading for               2
MTT122 Applied Machining II                             4                        Machinist AND
OR                                                                               BRX210 Mechanical Blueprint Reading             2
MTT124 Applied Machining                               (7)                       Or
                                                                                 BRX112 Blueprint Reading for Machinist          (4)
MTT130 Manual Programming AND                           3                        ENG101 Writing                                   3
MTT132CAD / CAM / CNC                                   3
MTT134 Manual Programming                              (6)
MTT210 Industrial Machining I AND                       3
MTT212 Industrial Machining II                          4
MTT214 Industrial Machining                            (7)
MTT220 Advanced Industrial Mach I AND                   4                                                 Subtotal Credits      55
MTT222Advanced Industrial Mach II                       2                                                    Total Credits     71-77
MTT224 Advanced Industrial Machining                   (6)

Maysville Community & Technical College
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