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									Ivy Tech Community College – Associate of Science in Homeland Security and
Emergency Management

Ivy Tech Community College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Homeland
Security and Emergency Management. This program has been carefully designed with
input from employers who know the demand of emergency management. In short, careers
in emergency preparedness and response and environmental health and safety are in
demand. Those benefiting from the associate degree are first responders, firefighters,
military personnel, corrections and law enforcement professionals, emergency managers,
those in the health care professions, as well as corporate and government workers.

Associate of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

General Education
IVYT 1XX Student Success Elective                                     1-3
MATH 1XX Mathematics Elective                                          3

Select 3 of the following courses
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking                               3
COMM 102 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication                   3
ENGL 111       English Composition                                     3
ENGL 211       Technical Writing                                       3

Select 3 of the following courses
PHIL 102       Introduction to Ethics                                  3
POLS 101       Introduction to American Government and Politics        3
POLS 112       State and Local Government                              3
PSYC 101       Introduction to Psychology                              3
PSYC 253       Introduction to Social Psychology                       3
SOCI 111       Introduction to Sociology                               3

Select 1 of the following courses
BIOL 201       General Microbiology                                    4
CHEM 105 General Chemistry I                                           5
CHEM 111 Chemistry I                                                   4
SCIN 111       Physical Science                                        3
General Education:                                                     25-29

HSEM 101 Introduction to Homeland Security                             3
HSEM 102 Principles of Emergency Management                            3
HSEM 103 Basic Skills in Emergency Program Development                 3
HSEM 104 Disaster and Terrorism Awareness                              3
HSEM 105 Introduction to Mitigation                                    3
HSEM 106 Disaster Response and Recovery Operations                     3
HSEM 107 Exercise Program Design, Planning and Evaluation                 3
HSEM 108 Introduction to Emergency Medical Services Operations            3
HSEM 213 Weapons of Mass Destruction and Hazardous Materials              3
HSEM 214 Understanding the Incident Command System                        3
HSEM 215 Contingency Planning and Incident Command                        3
HSEM 216 Public Information Officer Course                                3
HSEM 279 Homeland Security Capstone                                       3
Professional-Technical:                                                   37

Total:                                                                    62-66

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana is accredited by the Higher Learning
Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

For more information:

         Contact: Tim Faulk, Chair
         50 W Fall Creek Pkwy. N. Dr.
         Indianapolis, IN 46208
         Ph: (317) 546-4548
         Email: tfaulk@ivytech.edu

         Additional Information: http://www.ivytech.edu/homeland-security/index.html

         Additional Phone: 317-546-4551

         Updated: 5/20/11

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