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					Competencies                        level 1 - fundamental

Project Management
Staff Training
Policies & Procedures

Public Services

Core E-mail Applications
Core Hardware
Core Internet
Core Operating System
Core Software Applications
Core Web Tools

Personal Professional
Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Customer Service

Area Specific Technology
ALEPH - Acquisitions/Serials (for   Can successfully use title and order
Acquisitions)                       search functions; can interpret status of
                                    order and broadest level of order data;
                                    can differentiate material type by order,
                                    (serial, standing order, monograph)
ALEPH - Cataloging (for         Can retrieve bibliographic records using
Acquisitions)                   ALEPH Cataloging module and identify
                                basic fields, (title, author, ISBN). Knows
                                departmental codings of local fields, (TKR
                                and note fields). Can edit basic MARC
                                data (holdings information and some
                                fields of bib record), as needed.

GenLoad (for Acquisitions)      Able to use program by following step-by-
                                step how-to documentation to either load
                                MARC records into ILS or to check file of
                                titles for duplicates

Vendor and service provider     Able to retrieve title and order information
databases (for Acquisitions)    in vendor databases; able to find
                                licenses, subscription, and payment data
                                in service provider databases. [databases
                                may include: Blackwell Collection
                                Manager, Harrassowitz's OttoEditions,
                                Serials Solutions, OCLC Connexion, and

MacroExpress                    Able to use program by following step-by-
                                step how-to documentation to run macros

MS Access (for Acquisitions)    Able to do data entry in specified format;
                                able to audit entered items and correct as
                                necessary; able to mirror data
                                represented in other systems within
PeopleSoft (for Acquisitions)

Technical Services
Acquisitions                    [Knowledge of/retrieval of information]
Accounting rules and practices     Functional knowledge of general
(knowledge & application of)       accounting concepts, including basic
                                   bookkeeping skills, cash disbursement
                                   accounting, and accounts payable.
                                   Functional knowledge of deposits and
                                   prepayments, (what these are and how
                                   they work in terms of rules for
                                   expenditures). Knowledge of accounting
                                   reconciliation and follow-up procedures,
                                   including adherence to fiscal year

Acquisitions rules and practices   Knowledge of purchasing rules and
(knowledge & application of)       practices per University and Libraries
                                   policy; knowledge of different purchasing
                                   methods and their correlating workflows.
                                   Understands difference in material types
                                   acquired by Acquisitions department and
                                   has basic knowledge of correct workflow
                                   for processing (or redirecting) each.

Cataloging rules and practices     Understanding of difference between
(knowledge & application of)       level and status of records, and
                                   knowledge of basic fields in MARC
                                   records. Able to retrieve records from
                                   data in basic MARC fields as well as in
                                   TKR fields in bibliographic record.

E-Resource rules and practices     Knowledge of parameters of electronic
(knowledge & application of)       resource types, licensing, and payment
                                   methods. Able to retrieve title information
                                   from OPAC or ILS using basic
                                   bibliographic fields.
Serials rules and practices        Knowledge of basic serial record
(knowledge & application of)       architecture, including items attached to
                                   bibliographic record, subscription, and
                                   holding with established pattern. Able to
                                   reconcile arrival of physical issues with
Monographs rules and practices   Knowledge of different types of
(knowledge & application of)     monographic material and appropriate
                                 workflows for each; ability to search for
                                 individual titles using any number of basic
                                 MARC fields to retrieve bibliographic,
                                 holdings, and order data
level 2 - intermediate                    level 3 - advanced

Can pay invoices on existing order        Has deep knowledge of connection of
records and create new order records      constituent parts of record in ALEPH,
on existing bib records, as necessary;    (order, item, holding, bib) and easily
understands all fields of order record,   manipulates, adds, and removes data as
subscription structure, and invoice       needed; has high functional knowledge of
creation; has basic understanding of      reporting and acquisitions services. Can
underpinning architecture of records      perform all tasks outlined in "fundamental"
(orders, items, bibs, holdings) in        and "intermediate" columns. (and lvl 2)
ALEPH. Has the ability to correct line
items in EDI invoices.
Can create provisional bibliographic        Can create bibliographic records, create
records according to AACR2 and create       and edit holdings information, and move
or link appropriate aspects of record,      aspects of records as needed. Can use
(item, order). Can identify and correct     ALEPH batch record loading services and
duplicative records. (and lvl 1)            understands underlying architecture of data
                                            tables to provide information for updates,
                                            as necessary. (and lvl 2)

Able to load MARC records using             Able to use GenLoad for purposes outlined
software and also interpret log files to    in "fundamental" and "intermediate"
correct errors/omissions. (and lvl 1)       columns. Also able to conceptualize and
                                            build new loading profiles for MARC file
                                            loading and deduping purposes. (and lvl 2)

Able to create and update orders in         Maps vendor- and service-provider
vendor databases as well as export title    database information to local database(s),
and order data; able to update local        and vice versa; able to run complex reports
information as represented in service       in these databases to provide detailed
provider databases. (and lvl 1)             statistics on demand. (and lvl 2)

Able to use macros as well as trouble-      Able to create new macros and macro
shoot, (to add additional delays, and       suites to fit user-defined needs. (and lvl 2)
otherwise tweak existing macro suites to
suit user needs) (and lvl 1)
Able to generate meaningful reports         Able to create new databases according to
from all data entered into database (and    set standards and expected needs for
lvl 1)                                      output (and lvl 2)

Able to retrieve images of invoices. Able   (Able to do all Level 2 work.) Additionally,
to retrieve balances of appropriation,      able to reconcile expenditure and budgeting
DSR, foundation and grant budgets.          data from Aleph with budget in PeopleSoft.
Able to assign charges to designated        Also, can use intersecting data from
budgets, and to reassign charges as         multiple accounting systems to generate up-
necessary. Able to reconcile payments       to-date reports about budgeting and
as represented in other accounting          expenditures across all allocations. (and lvl
systems. Able to facilitate vendor          2)
creation within PeopleSoft (and lvl 1)

[Application of information, (usu.          [Global application and management]
(Able to do Level 1 work)      Makes          (Able to do Level 2 work)                Deep
payments and adjusts individual               knowledge of trends in materials pricing
budgets in adherence with rules within        and inflation, as well as the ability to
financial management system(s);               successfully apply this knowledge when
transfers funds within financial              projecting expenditures for upcoming
management system(s). Can assign              years. Able to merge data from multiple
appropriate (PeopleSoft) budget code to       sources to produce meaningful reports as
invoices within other financial               scheduled or on demand. Able to identify
management system (ALEPH).                    and correct accounting problems. Able to
                                              develop an infrastructure for a budget
                                              system and add to or adapt it as necessary.
                                              Manages all materials allocations as
                                              represented in financial managment

(Able to do Level 1 work) Creates             (Able to do Level 2 work)          Manages
orders and/or subscriptions; creates          ordering of specified material type,
invoices within financial management          including creating new workflows as
system(s); receives, processes, and/or        necessary;
redirects purchased material as

(Able to do Level 1 work)              Able   (Able to do Level 2 work)               Able
to create brief MARC records and adjust       to load batches of vendor-supplied MARC
basic fields in existing (provisional)        records and OCLC-supplied MARC
MARC records. Able to add items               records; able to add data to existing MARC
and/or provisional HOL records as             records to bypass Cataloging workflow,
needed.                                       (possibly) including (1)creation of patterns
                                              and updating of HOL records for serials,
                                              and/or (2)creation of new item and HOL
                                              records for added monograph copies,
                                              and/or (3)embedding URLs in bibliographic
                                              record in appropriate field for e-resources

Licensing, representation in OPAC (and Licensing, representation in OPAC (and
ILS), resource management (incl.       ILS), resource management (incl. service
service provider database usage)       provider database usage)

(Able to do Level 1 work)             Able    (Able to do Level 2 work)               Able
to create patterns and arrive issues on       to compile stats, combine and report as
existing items within ILS; able to record     appropriate; ability to maniuplate raw data
and report appropriate library, university,   on demand to produce meaningful
and ARL statistics; able to identify          statistical reporting; can create orders and
missing issues and follow claiming            new subscriptions (with vendors and within
procedures.                                   ILS); can perform title changes
(Able to do Level 1 work)             Able   (Able to do Level 2 work)              Able
to create bibliographic, order and item      to manage rate of purchasing and receipt
records for new requests; able to pay        for approval and firm order material, and
and arrive incoming material in              report to subject selectors and others as
accordance with proper workflow by           appropriate; able to problem solve any
material type; able to determine             incoming request or existing order;
appropriate choice of vendor and             integrates new workflows and projects with
method of acquisition for incoming           existing workflows; compiles reports of
requests; able to report appropriate         monograph acquisition by material type,
library, university, and ARL statistics;     vendor, and budget, and presents reports
can represent orders in necessary            as needed or scheduled; conducts training
databases; can complete claiming             for procedures as needed and
procedures with vendor and represent         creates/updates workflow documentation
order status in ILS

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