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Bob Wiesner designed comprehensive, strategically-based training & development curricula and individual programs for many companies across multiple competencies (leadership, management, selling, client relationships, team effectiveness) and segments (professional services, advertising, financial services, pharma, media, IT).

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Leadership position focused on organizational development, organizational effectiveness or talent management in an
organization that is focused on growth and recognizes the importance of having thorough, strategically sound OD practices to
get there. This organization will value innovative approaches to both leadership development, career management and talent

Chief Accomplishments

Organizational Development and Leadership Effectiveness
    Designed comprehensive, strategically-based training & development curricula and individual programs for many
    companies across multiple competencies (leadership, management, selling, client relationships, team effectiveness) and
    segments (professional services, advertising, financial services, pharma, media, IT)
    Sold and delivered all training, OD and HR programs listed above.
    Provided raining and coaching at all levels of my employer and client organizations, from entry level through leadership
    and the C-Suite, and across all functions, including leadership and management, sales and business development, client
    service, creative, finance, operations, technical/IT, marketing, etc.
    Coached department and division leaders and C-Suite executives to improve leadership effectiveness, improve
    persuasion, gain confidence, create wildly enthusiastic followers.
    Provided classroom training and specific event consulting and coaching for sales teams to improve client relationships,
    increase revenue, and win new business. Programs were based on sound adult learning principles, and were designed to
    meet the strategic needs of the business.
    Assessed needs and evaluated program effectiveness for nearly all employers, clients and projects.
Transformation and Growth
    As a consultant for 16 years, rebuilt leadership strategies at agencies, professional services firms, and corporations,
    including large pharmas, major financial services firms, and Fortune 500’s.
    Created comprehensive, strategic Talent plans to address growth objectives as regional talent director at Saatchi &
    Saatchi. Launched implementation with Saatchi’s two largest account/planning groups.
    Redefined the role of account management throughout Saatchi.
    Introduced project management to Saatchi.
    Created and implemented transformative revenue strategies at dozens of agencies (as consultant).
    Led strategic planning sessions for talent strategy, business strategy, and growth strategy at multiple agencies and
    Introduced new selling approaches at KPMG.
Talent Acquisition and Retention
    Led recruiting efforts for global leadership positions at multiple agencies.
    Installed job description templates at several agencies and clients that helped find and hire superior candidates.
    Championed innovative (for my clients) acquisition and screening techniques, including behavioral interviewing, EQ
    interviewing, and DISC-type screening.
    Upgraded both career & performance management programs and tools at Saatchi.
    Designed and implemented OD assessment approaches.
    Improved the diversity scorecard at Saatchi.

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Business Leadership and Development
   Led Rogen through historic growth, from three employees in one office to 35 in three, growing revenue from barely $1
   million to over $10 million. Introduced and led new sales initiatives, new performance management programs, new
   compensation programs.
   Consulted on and won over 60% of new business pitches for my clients; nearly $1 billion in media spend.
   Helped my consulting clients increase revenue, produce stronger performers, enhance shareholder value.
   Authored training materials, biz dev newsletters, pitching guidelines, tactics and tips for KPMG and dozens of consulting
   Led business development & marketing for Audit - $5 billion business.
   Introduced new pre-RFP business development strategies and tactics to “disrupt” the biz dev cycle.
   Introduced strategies & tactics to improve client relationships.
   Consulted directly on several $1 million-plus pitches at KPMG. Total value of wins over $8 million annually.
   Helped Saatchi’s Latin American agencies upgrade their revenue pursuit plans.


    When         Where                                                What
  2011 -        Saatchi &         EVP, Regional Talent Director, Americas
  2012           Saatchi
                                        Reporting to Mary Baglivo, CEO of the Americas, and Milano Reyna, Worldwide
                                        Talent Director
                                        Responsible for Talent strategy and implementation for New York Office (300 EEs,
                                        $100 million revenue)
                                        Responsible for Talent strategy for Latin America
                                        Recruited from KPMG
 2010 -          KPMG             Executive Director, Audit Marketing
                                        Reported to Jim Liddy, Vice Chair Audit, and Patrick Dolan, Partner in Charge of
                                        Supported pursuits, pitches and client development for $5 billion audit practice
                                        Responsible for marketing and revenue generation for US firm
                                        Recruited from Executive Persuasion Group

  2005 -        Executive         Independent Consultant, Sole Proprietor
  2010         Persuasion
                 Group –                Clients included:
               Consulting                 Saatchi & Saatchi                 American Express
               and training               Energy BBDO                       CBS Digital Media
                   firm                   TBWA Chiat Day                    Chicago Merc Exchange
                                          Media Arts Lab                    Hay Group
                                          KPMG                              Healthcare Businesswomen’s Assoc
                                          Deloitte                          Rockstar Games
                                          JWT                               Subway
                                          Freeborn & Peters                 Studio No. One (Shepard Fairey)
  1994 -       Rogen Inc.         Global Partner, US CEO
  2005              –
               Consulting               Clients included:
               and training                 JPMorgan Chase                   Estee Lauder
                  firm                      Bank of America                  Clinique
                                            Novartis                         Hershey’s
                                            Roche                            Millward Brown
                                            American Express                 Great Western

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                                             KPMG                           McKinsey
                                             Hay Group                      Marakon Assoc
                                             Ogilvy & Mather                Harley Davidson
                                             Energy BBDO                    Sun Microsystems
                                             TBWA Chiat Day                 Nielsen Media Research
                                              HP                            AC Nielsen
                                         Joined Rogen in order to try my hand at consulting
  1991 –          McCann-           SVP, Director of Organizational Development
  1994            Erickson
                                         Reported to Jan Whiting, North America Director of Human Resources.
                                         Remit included 14 McCann offices in North America.
                                         Responsible for development and delivery of programs that improved the
                                         performance of all key employees, from entry level through executive level.
                                         Joined McCann as a career move up.
  1983 –           BBDO             VP, Human Resources Manager (1986-1991)
                                    VP, Account Supervisor (1983-1986)
  1976 -           Various          Positions in advertising, marketing & media planning


-- Communication style: Mostly Expressive, some Driver, a little Amiable, a little Analytical.
-- BA Psychology, Rutgers College, in the years before Big Time Football

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