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									                            Plymouth Community Homes

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

POSITION:                   Metal Fabricator Apprentice

RESPONSIBLE TO:             Metal Fabrication Manager

LOCATION:                   Manufacturing – Prince Rock


Undertake appropriate training and relevant work experience to develop competence in
metal fabrication skills in support of the day to day maintenance works, voids, work
adaptation, within the metal fabrication shop or elsewhere in the department as required


   Learn and assist / undertake reading of drawings and taking off of information from
    specifications, schedules, manufacturer’s details

   Learn and assist / undertake the transfer datum, using spirit level or any levelling

   Learn and assist / undertake repairs/maintenance to windows and doors as required,
    including door lock entry

   Learn and assist / undertake alignment, fitting and welding of parts to form complete
    units or subunits following blueprints and layout specifications, using jigs, welding
    torches and hand tools

   Learn and assist / set up and operate fabricating machines, such as brakes, rolls,
    shears, flame cutters, grinders and drill presses, to bend, cut form, punch, drill or
    otherwise forms and assemble metal components

   Learn and assist / locate and mark bending and cutting lines onto a work piece,
    allowing for stock thickness and machine welding shinkage

   Learn and assist / hammer, chip, grind work piece to cut, bend and straighten metal

   Learn and assist / hammer stock into specified size and shape, using hammer and
    anvil or power hammer

   Learn and assist / verify conformance of work piece to specifications, using square,
    ruler and measuring tape

   Learn and assist / undertake new build works including fencing, gates, access ramps,
    walkways, railways and handrails, etc., incorporating all associated roughing, fixings
    and finishing

   Learn and assist / undertake installations and replacement works to all types of metal
    components and works in domestic and non domestic properties, incorporating all
    associated roughing, fixings and finishing work etc.

   Learn to identify, organise any materials required to complete tasks, and to check all
    manufactured goods are safe and within specifications ISO 9001:2008

   Learn how to carry out inspections and correct faults where required, completing jobs
    to the satisfaction of the customer

   Work at heights, usually from scaffold but in any event to work in accordance with
    health and safety practice and procedure and appropriate risk assessments

   Liaise with customers, honour appointments and provide a first class service

   Responsible for keeping work area tidy and free from waste materials.

   Load/unload materials/stores safely

   Learn and undertake checks and carry out user maintenance on vehicles if appropriate.

   Learn and undertake checks and basic operator maintenance of power tools

   Assist in general duties

   Ensure all machinery is switched off and power tools safely stowed as appropriate at
    the end of the working day

   Carry out all tasks, as instructed, within the remit of an apprentice Metal Fabricator
    within proven competency

   Successfully complete all required stages of the apprenticeship qualification in
    accordance with Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

   Attend meetings, training sessions and conferences as required

   Comply at all times with the Associations rules, policies and procedures

   Work within the constraints of Health and Safety at all times and adhere to the
    Plymouth Community Homes Health and Safety policy and management standards,
    appropriate risk assessments and all relevant training requirements

The postholder must also undertake other duties, appropriate to the grading of the post, as

                              Plymouth Community Homes
                                 PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                 Metal Fabricator Apprentice

Requirement            Essential                                 Desirable
                                                                 Awareness of health and safety
                                                                 issues associated with the
                                                                 Engineering industry.

                                                                 Work experience in an
                                                                 Engineering environment.

                                                                 Experience of welding
                                                                 Knowledge of metal fabrication
                       Good interpersonal skills and             Awareness of Equality and
                       communication skills, both written        Diversity including the nature of
Skills / Abilities
                       and verbal.                               discrimination in employment.

                       Ability to work in different working      Ability to work on own initiative
                       environments, internal and external.
                                                                 Ability to produce a good
                       Ability to multi-task and prioritise.     quality standard of work
                                                                 Ability to plan and organise
                       Ability to keep working areas tidy.       workload
                       Ability to develop and maintain           Ability to maintain hand and
                       good relationships with colleagues,       power tools
                       customers, staff and other                Ability to work within Corporate
                       organisations.                            Policies.

                       GCSE level A – C in Maths and
                       English or equivalent
                                                                 Ability to achieve any relevant
                                                                 qualifications associated with
                       Ability to pass test/assessment for
                                                                 the Engineering industry.
                       functional skills and vocational skills
                       Ability to successfully achieve the
                       full apprenticeship qualification at
                       level 2 and progress to the
                       advanced apprenticeship at level 3
                       Good level of hand/eye coordination
                       and manual dexterity.
Requirements           Ability to carry out manual handling

                       Ability to work in confined spaces,
                       work at heights, climb scaffolding
                       and ladders and access various


Note: Plymouth Community Homes is committed to providing access, aids, adaptations and
alternatives wherever possible and reasonable to enable disabled people to fulfill the criteria
for, and undertake the duties, of its jobs.


1. Confidentiality

The post holder must maintain confidentiality of information about staff and residents and Plymouth
Community Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services business and be aware of the Data
Protection Act 1998.

2. Standards of Business Conduct

Plymouth Community Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services expect all employees to
maintain the highest standards of personal and business conduct at all times. Plymouth
Community Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services staff handbook sets out the
Plymouth Community Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services expectations under
sections: Code of Conduct and Declaration of Interests, copies are available from the Human
Resources Department at Princess Court.

3. Health & Safety

The Post holder should be aware of the responsibility placed on employees under the Health &
Safety at Work Act (1974) to ensure that the agreed safety procedures are carried out to maintain
a safe environment.

4. Equal & Diversity

Plymouth Community Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services is opposed to direct and
indirect discrimination and aims to promote equal opportunities throughout Plymouth Community
Homes and Plymouth Community Homes Services. Any employee of Plymouth Community Homes
and Plymouth Community Homes Services is required to treat all colleagues, customers,
stakeholders and partners equally, regardless of age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation,
gender reassignment or religion or belief.

All employees must abide by these principles and comply with PCH policies and strategies in
support of these principles which may be issued from time to time by PCH.

5. Training and Development

To attend appropriate training courses and supervision meetings as required.

6. Communication

To attend staff and team meetings


This is a description of the job as it is presently constituted. Job descriptions are reviewed and
updated when considered necessary to reflect any changes to the job being done and to
incorporate changes. Employees will be consulted on any changes in their job description in a
meeting with their line manager. If agreement is not possible Plymouth Community Homes and
Plymouth Community Homes Services reserves the right to insist on changes by adding to, taking
away or substituting duties; provided that in doing so we do not change the fundamental nature of
the post.


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