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					   Which of the following is NOT true of each State’s constitution, including
   In California’s bicameral legislature, the lower house
   All of the following are nonlegislative powers held by the California
    legislature EXCEPT the
   Which State was the first in which popular approval played a direct role in the
    adoption and ratification of a State constitution?
   If a governor of California resigns or leaves office midterm the ____ serves
    the remainder of his term.
   The _____ is the usual device by which new State constitutions are written
    and older constitutions revised.
   The primary cause of long State constitutions is
   How long are the terms of California State legislators?
   Which action is based on the police power of State legislatures?
   The fundamental and supreme laws of California are
   Most State legislatures today, including California’s, are
   Which of the following is responsible for the formal interpretation of a State’s
    constitutional and statutory law?
   In California, as in 16 other States, voters may propose the passage of laws by
   The _____ is a petition procedure by which voters may remove an elected
    official from office before the completion of his or her regular term.
   The form of law enacted both by the people, through referendum or initiative,
    and by legislative bodies is called
   All of the following are methods of proposing changes to a State constitution
   Which of the following could be among the informal requirements for
    California State legislators?
   When a State constitution is revised,
   Which of the following might be one reason the turnover among State
    legislators outside California is fairly high?
   Although the first State constitutions guarded against too much power in the
    hands of the governor, the people soon found that
   The recall of a governor reflects
   One major difference between the powers of the governor of California and
    those of the President is that
   The fundamental law of each State is
   State legislatures do all of the following EXCEPT
   Except in Nebraska, each State legislature today is
   Who is responsible for interpreting a State’s constitution and statutes?
   City zoning is most often opposed on the grounds that it
   Most weaknesses of county government are because of the lack of
   In 21 States voters may propose and pass laws without the legislature
   Special districts are most often created to
   The governor of most States
   In the council-manager form of city government

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