Kindergarten 2-20-2012

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					                            KINDERGARTEN NEWS
                             NORTH SIDE SCHOOL
                               February 20, 2012

                   WHAT WE ARE LEARNING                                             PRACTICE FOR HOME
READING: Please continue to use the reading strategies            Can your child:
included in past newsletters. We have added more                  -fasten his/her own coat and tie his/her shoes?
sight words to our classroom ‘word walls’. The words               -recite his/her address, phone number, birthday?
your child should be able to read and write quickly are:          -count to 83 or higher in one minute? (This is our end of
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black,           the year goal.)
white, pink, gray, the, a, I, to my, play, went, mom,             -quickly identify the higher (bigger) number when
dad, in, it, if, is, like, love, see, said, look, dog, cat, at,   shown two numbers?
we, can, you, me, yes, no, zoo, with, go, and, from, for,         -quickly identify a missing number in a series of three
new, not, on, up, here, have, has, had, he, his, her,             numbers?
but, big, boy, saw, out, an, am, was.                             -read the word wall words?
                                                                  -use pictures or manipulatives to demonstrate addition
EVERYDAY MATH: Students will work on number grids,                or subtraction?
coins, and 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes.

WRITING WORKSHOP: The kindergarten classes will                                   DATES TO REMEMBER
take a short break from story writing. For the next               Feb 20 – Guest Reader from Kendallville Public Library
couple weeks we will study poetry writing. The                    Feb 21 – PTO Meeting 6:30 PM
students will participate in listening and writing several        Feb 24 – Reading Is Fundamental Book Distribution
different types of poems.                                                  Dr. Seuss Character Dress Up Day

SHOW AND TELL: Please help your child find something                                  OTHER NOTICES
to bring on his/her day that begins with ‘Dd’.                    ATTENDANCE: Beginning last Friday and for the next 4
                                                                  days, North Side will be tracking each classroom’s
SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: Social studies lessons will               attendance percentage. The class with the highest
focus on Respect.                                                 percentanges overall (students at school and in class on
SUCCESS: During success time, the kindergarten classes            time) for these days will receive a class reward. This is
will be working on writing complete sentences including           one of the ways North Side is preparing students for
a capital at the beginning, using good spacing between            Spring ISTEP.
words and putting punctuation at the end.
                                                                  RIF: The North Side Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)
TECHNOLOGY: The students will work on                             committee has put together a week of fun in honor of
keyboarding skills with Mrs. Englehart in                         Dr. Seuss’s birthday. The students will participate in
the computer lab.                                                 various Dr. Seuss activities throughout the week and
                                                                  will end with a dress up day on Friday. Students and
                                                                  staff are invited to dress up as their favoriate Dr. Seuss
                                                                  character. Friday will also be a book distribution day
                                                                  where students will choose a free book that was
                                                                  provided to us from the RIF committee.

                                              North Side Mission Statement
                                          ‘To Maximize Potential in All People Every Day’

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