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8th Grade Band Materials Information by v7166R


									8th Grade Band Materials Information
There are a number of items that will be needed in band throughout the school year. In an effort to
make preparation as simple and cost effective as possible for families, items will be provided to
students through the band program at the beginning of the school year.

The following items will be included this year as a “package deal” for band:

Measures of Success Book 2
      This will provide the basis for most work students do in small-group lessons as well as
      technique building in band class. Students will find it to be seamless transition from their
      elementary school method book. Books will be ordered for the appropriate instrument.

Binder or folder for music

HJMS Band T-shirt
     Throughout the year, there are a number of events outside our two main evening concerts. For
     these performances, it is useful for us to be able to dress more casually. The shirts will be in
     Henry James blue with a gold HJMS Band logo. Please make sure to select the appropriate size
     in the space below.

The items above will be included and will be distributed as soon as they come available. The total cost
is $20. Financial hardship should in no way impact a student's opportunity to get these materials, so
please contact either myself or Mr. White via email for scholarship information.

Please complete the form below and return to Mr. Robarge with either cash or check made out to
“Henry James General Fund” as soon as possible or by Monday, September 10. If you have any
questions at all, please email me at It is going to be a great year!

Student Name: ________________________________              Band Class Period: _________________

Instrument: _______________________________

Shirt Size (circle one):

       Youth Small            Youth Medium          Youth Large            Adult Small

       Adult Medium           Adult Large           Adult X-Large          Adult XX-Large

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