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                      LMTAAA FISCAL MANAGER

   1. You will be working in an environment controlled by GAAP, as promulgated by
      GASB, specific program requirements (both state and federal) and cost principle
      criteria such as OMB Circulars A-87, A-102, A-122 and A-133. Describe your
      experience, relative to the aforementioned environment, in the following areas:

            The technical application of day-to-day governmental accounting
             (e.g. auditing and journalizing expenditures and revenues, including fund
             types, posting to general ledgers, preparing billings, payroll, employee
             benefits and taxes).
            The preparation of fund financial statements.
            The development and use of cost allocation plans.

      If you have limited or no experience in governmental accounting, please provide
      your experience in the private sector as it relates to the three areas.

      Question 1 Answer

   2. LMTAAA’s budget is complex, involving multiple funding periods (calendar year
      and state fiscal year) and multiple funding sources (state, federal and local).
      Costs are comprised of both direct and indirect expenditures of the agency and
      subcontracted expenditures. Describe your experience with budget preparation
      as well as budgeting under the stated circumstances.

      Question 2 Answer

   3. If you have had experience with budgets for which costs are allowable under
      more than one funding source, please describe how you have determined which
      funding source to charge, and how you have ensured that all funds are expended
      but not overspent.

      Question 3 Answer

   4. Proficiency in Excel is necessary for this position. Please describe in detail your
      experience with and knowledge of Excel.

      Question 4 Answer

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