CITY OF WANAMINGO
                                    City Council Regular Meeting
                                   Monday, April 9, 2012 7:00 P.M.
                           Wanamingo City Council Chambers – 401 Main Street
                                           Wanamingo, MN

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Berg.

PRESENT:     Council: Ron Berg, Ryan Holmes, Danny Benson & Jennifer Berquam
             City Administrator: Michael Boulton
             Deputy Clerk: Jean Rugg

ABSENT:      Larry VanDeWalker

ALSO PRESENT: Steve Haggstrom, Monty Schaefer, Alicia Hunt-Welch – Zumbrota News Record, Terry
Campbell – Wanamingo Messenger, Terri Washburn – Kenyon Leader, Jason Boynton – Smith Schafer &
Associates, Matt Bowron – Goodhue County Deputy Sheriff, Scott Goodman, and Jennifer Wolfcran.

ADOPT AGENDA: Benson motioned to adopt the agenda, seconded by Holmes. Passed 4-0-0.

CONSENT AGENDA: Berquam motioned, seconded by Holmes to consent. Passed 4-0-0.


          A) Jason Boynton – Smith Schaefer & Associates – 2011 Audit Presentation
                  i. A power point presentation was given of the 2011 City Financials
                 ii. Audit opinion, Minnesota Legal Compliance, Management Letter, and Audit Committee
                iii. There was a discussion of all the fund types and where each of them sit

          B) Steve Haggstrom & Monty Schaefer reported on:
                  i. City Dump Truck and Boom Truck were DOT certified
                 ii. Facing and backing on Doors on Swimming Pool Bath House replaced
                iii. Mowers have been serviced and new blades installed
                iv. Sandblasting quote received for pool – need to grout holes back in after the sandblasting
                     is completed
                 v. WW Plant – water line dug in between the digesters – hose reel installed with 70 feet of
                     line – two manifolds installed to hook up garden hose
                vi. Cleaned out old wires and conduit and made covers for electrical boxes at WW Plant
               vii. Rubber will be replaced on one of the skimmers at the WW Plant
              viii. Water leak at the WW Plant Office fixed
                ix. Air Line on the decant pump replaced for the WW Plant
                 x. Pot holes in alleys and streets fixed
                xi. Street Sweeping completed for the 1st time in 2012
               xii. Stop sign plastic covering replaced on old signs – new plastic covering replaced on cross
                     walk signs
              xiii. Pay loader snow blades taken off so that brush pile and leaves piles could be pushed up



12-017 = Accepting the 2011 City Audit: Holmes moved to approve, Seconded by Berquam. Passed 4-0-0
12-018 – Approving Closing of RBC Investments Account and Rolling Over Account to Stifel, Nicolaus,
& Company Inc.: Benson moved to approve, Seconded by Holmes. Passed 4-0-0
12-019 = Authorizing the Establishment and Maintenance of Security Accounts: Benson moved to
approve, Seconded by Berquam. Passed 4-0-0
12-020 = Approving the appointment of Josh Sandberg to the EDA Board Vacancy: Berquam moved to
approve, Seconded by Holmes. Passed 4-0-0
First Reading of Ordinance 159 – Regulating Snow Removal and Placement in Streets.
Administrator Boulton explained how the ordinance was drafted. The City Snow Policy states that residents
can not place snow in public right of ways and sidewalks are to be cleaned after snows. The City Council has
been looking into discontinuing the practice of hauling snow pushed into street from private lots or instituting a
payment for the service. An ordinance is needed in order to enforce such a practice.


Citizen Concern - Jennifer Wolfcran has requested the City to look into the repeal of animal ordinances that do
not allow for chickens. She would like the ability to have up to three chickens in order to get organic eggs. The
City Council will look at the practices of other Minnesota Cities. The issue will be placed on the agenda for
discussion once sufficient information is gathered.

Board of Appeals and Equalization will take place on April 18th from 4:00pm-6:00pm. The City Council will
not be taking part in the meeting since it is an open book meeting (run by Goodhue County Staff).

Nuisance Abatement Clean-up letters will be sent to Gary Braget on April 10th. Abatement procedures will take
place at the May14th Meeting.

*Next City Council meeting on 5/14/2012.

Adjourn: At 7:50PM a motion to adjourn the meeting made by Benson and seconded by Holmes. Passed 4-0-

Signed:                                                      Attest:

____________________________                                 ____________________________________
Ron Berg, Mayor                                              Michael Boulton, City Administrator

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