MPS CAMP by v7166R


									                              MPS CAMP/ACADEMY PROCEDURES

      BEFORE Camp or Academy:
          o Enter request in Activity Tracker
          o Submit Notice of Fundraiser for board agenda for approval
          o Submit any camp flyers to deputy superintendent for approval (will be returned in camp
             packet after board approval of camp/academy)

      AFTER board approval the camp/academy coordinator will receive a packet that will contain
       necessary forms as well as the approved fundraiser request form with number and flyer.

      AFTER packet received and BEFORE camp/academy begins:
          o Distribute flyers
          o Receipt participants
          o Make deposits (daily deposits over $100 and if under $100 collected at least one time
              per week)
          o Enter a Wengage request and obtain a purchase order for any purchases before
              purchases are made
          o Obtain background check for any non-MPS employee assisting with camp
          o Develop a participant roster/spreadsheet
          o Enter a Wengage request for each non-MPS employee assisting with camp
          o Enter a Wengage request to MPS to cover all MPS employees being compensated
              through payroll
          o Enter a Wengage request for required reimbursement to district ($5.00 per participant)

      AFTER camp/academy the following must be submitted to the MPS Activity Fund Office
          o Reconciliation form
          o Participant roster or spreadsheet

February 2011

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