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					Paris Municipal Center
Commission Chambers
Paris, Kentucky
October 12, 2010

A regular meeting of the Paris City Commission was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by
Mayor Michael Thornton followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: Mayor Thornton; Commissioners Wallis Brooks, Mike Fryman, Stan Galbraith
and Bart Horne; City Manager Michael Nagy; City Clerk Cheryl Dryden and City
Attorney Charles Cole.

Approve Agenda

The following deletion was made to the agenda:

       IX a. Recommendation/update on Police Department vehicles

Also, noted was the rescheduling of a special meeting at the request of Chris Jones from
October 14, 2010 to October 21, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. for update on the comprehensive plan.

Fryman moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the agenda
with the noted deletion.

Approve Minutes

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve minutes
of September 28, 2010 regular meeting and September 30, 2010 special meeting as

Public Comment



The following communications were presented:

           o Department activity reports for September
           o Second Sunday encroachment permit
           o EMS financials as presented at October board meeting

Brooks moved, Horne seconded and motion unanimously carried to accept and file the
Communications as presented.

Consent Agenda

Brooks moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve request by
Bourbon Community Hospital for the annual Toys for Tots roadblock on November 13,
2010 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bypass and BCHS entrance.

Current or New Business

A new organizational chart for the police department featuring two new hire positions
(assistant chief and night major) was presented for consideration. Police Chief Sutton
proposed replacing the rank of lieutenant with the rank of sergeant; the implementation of
a two shift plan with 12 hour shifts by the beginning of next fiscal year; and ongoing in
house training to be overseen by the night shift major. Citizen John Plummer questioned
the need for two more ranking positions for a department of this size citing the need for
more patrol and less rank. Mr. Plummer asked whether the two newly created positions

had been advertised adding that the city could be accused of unfair hiring practices.
Nagy responded that the department needed prompt changes with talent and specific
skills today and the decision to advertise was a prerogative of the city commission and a
judgment call by management. Thornton stated the department had real problems that
needed reorganization to regain people’s trust. Citizen Ed Marcum stated the perception
was that the existing department was being denied the opportunity to apply for the new
positions. Nagy stated he trusted Sutton’s management skills concerning the needs of his
department and that this was an urgent and non-conventional moment.

Concerning reorganization in the fire department, Nagy advised the primary modification
was to replace the battalion chief title with captain in December or January with the pay
scale to remain unchanged. Chief Andy Roe advised the rank structure change would
add an additional member to the fire truck and an in house promotion would fill the
current open slot for a battalion chief.

Kevin Crump and Steve Sexton discussed the concept of a storage building to be used by
all the utility departments. Sexton stated an all wood pole structure measuring 120’ x 60’
costing $150,000 and located on property at the wastewater treatment plant would best
serve his needs for storage of vehicles and supplies. Thornton reiterated the idea of all
the utility departments being located on one campus and eliminating the high cost of
maintenance and utilities on the current satellite structures. Consensus was for Horne,
Brooks, Nagy, Crump and Sexton to work on locating suitable acreage.

Financial Business

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve payment
of the following bills:

BILLS FOR APPROVAL                  10/12/10      GENERAL FUND

Sturgill, Turner, Barker,
Moloney                         $ 7,980.07        Legal - August
A Action Pest Control           $    65.00        Maintenance
AT&T                            $ 2,301.84        ESSX
AT&T Communication System       $   614.57        Maintenance contract 9/2010-9/2011
AT&T                            $    89.23        Service - Narcotic
Benner Mechanical               $ 1,770.89        HVAC, ice machine repair
Dell Marketing                  $    99.99        Toner cartridges
Paris Bo Co Tourism             $ 1,370.13        Transient room tax
RDJ Specialties                 $   355.00        Firefighter stickers
United Rotary Brush             $   422.21        Center brooms for sweeper
Board of Adjustment             $   290.00        September meetings
Adgraphics Printing             $    83.55        Time cards - Police
All Phase Electric              $   473.05        Electrical supplies - Fire
Bevins Motor Co.                $   291.03        Repairs weedeaters, part - Street, WWTP
Bluegrass ADD                   $ 1,650.00        P&Z assistance - August & Sept.
Bluegrass Kesco                 $   200.00        Water treatment products - PMC
Bourbon County Citizen          $   902.25        Ads
Bourbon Equipment Rental        $    97.20        Pressure washer rental - Street
Combined Utilities              $ 9,334.54        Service
Fleet One                       $ 8,565.08        Fuel
Gilpin Masonry                  $ 34,328.00       Rebuild granite steps, pavers - PMC
Rick Hatton                     $   400.00        Custodial services 9/16/10-9/30/10
Hinkle Contracting              $ 1,145.50        Surface material - Street
Mastin's Auto Service           $ 2,342.39        Repair - Police, Sanitation
Mastin's Auto Service           $   307.60        Repair - EMS
Milton B. Lovell                $   819.82        Plumbing repair and parts - PMC
Pinkston's Locksmith            $   105.00        Repair entrance lock - PMC
Kentucky Uniforms               $ 1,646.25        Shirts, pants - Fire

Symbol Arts                       $ 1,580.00       Hat badges - Police
Tracker Products LLC              $    200.00      Training registration - Police
Mann Consultant Services          $    600.00      Retainer fee and maintain files - Sept.
Kaufman Tire                      $    399.36      4 tires - Police
Officeware                        $      8.53      Prints used 7/10 through 9/10 - Fire
Dotson Bros. Quick Lube           $    160.97      Oil changes, tire rotation - Police, Frie, Water
Kentucky Motors                   $    981.07      Parts - Police, Street
Sprint                            $    163.96      Connection cards - Fire
Oce Financial Services            $     29.00      Copier lease - 10/01/10-10/31/10
Kentucky State Treasurer          $     50.00      Renewal bldg inspector program
Hopewell Company                  $ 18,988.30      General liability - qtrly
Adgraphics Printing               $    230.00      Time cards, run sheets - Fire
Chapman Printing                  $ 1,695.00       Desk w/return - City Manager
Cintas                            $    595.22      Uniform service - Street
Kentucky Uniforms                 $    414.06      Boots, clear hat covers - Police
J. P. Primm                       $    589.23      Meals - 7/19 - 9/24 - Criminalistics Academy
Rock Group                        $     66.99      Rock - Safety City
Sprint                            $ 1,352.67       Connection card - Police
Kentucky Retirement System        $ 15,106.68      Non-hazardous retirement premium
Kentucky Retirement System        $ 52,737.55      Hazardous retirement premium
Nally & Gibson                    $    312.74      Surface material - Street
South Main BP                     $    562.57      Fuel - Street, Electric
Northfield Oil Company            $ 1,133.20       High sulfur diesel - All Dept.
Officeware                        $    186.46      Copier lease - Fire
Paris Bo Co EMS                   $ 16,000.00      October contribution
Paris Bo Co E911                  $ 10,000.00      October contribution
Don Beheler                       $    125.00      October
Kentucky League of Cities         $ 16,222.93      Liability insurance
Columbia Gas                      $    225.90      Service
CMRS-FP                           $ 2,000.00       Postage
Payroll Account                   $ 140,918.72     Payroll due 10/1/10
Bourbon County Clerk              $    112.00      Filing of seven land use restrictions
Bud's Farm Equipment              $    529.32      Repair to sidearm mower - Street
Columbia Gas                      $     72.94      Service
Horne's Concrete Construction     $ 55,900.00      Replacement/repair existing retaining wall - E Main
Petty Cash                        $    114.83      Deeds, plat recorded, notary application
Vanover Consulting                $    569.25      On-site inspection various street pavings
Bluegrass Fire Equipment          $    110.00      Bump tester - Fire
D-C Elevator                      $    515.61      Maintenance - October
Humana                            $ 55,315.34      Health insurance premium

Combined Utilities              October 12, 2010

City of Paris-Payroll              $ 74,619.36        Payroll Dated 10/01/2010 & H S A Contrib-Oct
Central Ky Mechanical Svcs         $ 3,811.20         Truck Repair
City of Paris Combined Util        $ 6,258.36         Utility Accounts
Billy Doyle                        $   284.35         Reimburse Travel Expense
Fleet One                          $ 5,539.24         Gasoline & Diesel
Kentucky Retirement Sys.           $ 20,885.79        Retirement Contribution for September Wages
Kentucky Utilities                 $ 7,197.52         Utility Accounts
Stuart Irby                        $ 1,699.53         Electrical Supplies
U S Dept of Energy                 $ 3,561.38         Power Purchase
Wornall Locksmith Service          $     84.00        New Dead Bolt @ Power Plant and Adjustments

Other Business

Engineering Services Director Michael Asalon and Finance Director Jim McCarty
reported the Stoner Creek Project going well with in-kind work in the amount of $10,000
consisting of hauling debris to the landfill. They also reported the street paving complete
with financing on schedule.

McCarty reported four banks participated in a pre-bid conference for the banking RFP’s
and the audit field work complete with financials to be available in late November.

Reports of Staff

Nagy reported an upcoming meeting with a rate consultant in early November; working
on updating the city’s procurement policy; the two properties under scrutiny on Kennedy
Court and Bradford Court serviced by Kentucky Utilities and working on a final smoking
policy for PMC campus. He also presented the new organizational chart for combined

Chief Sutton advised a community Halloween party was scheduled for October 14th from
6-8 pm.

Chief Roe reported the fire department’s 135th anniversary celebration postponed to
Spring; twenty-two classes scheduled to tour Safety City this month and blacktopping at
Safety City near completion.

Asalon reported property owners cooperating on code enforcement issues and working
toward certification as a state floodplain manager.

Citizen Elwood Parker thanked Asalon and members of the commission for following up
on his concerns.

Cole reported an upcoming meeting with management to review procurement issues and
looking into options regarding eminent domain issue.

Galbraith proposed the city consider an electrical inspection form being implemented by
the county.

Fryman reported a request had been made for dedication of a ball field in Garrard Park.

Horne stated several issues needed to be discussed with the county and inquired on the
status of a joint city/county meeting.

Thornton reported a downtown merchant was very appreciative of the fire department for
the handling of a recent fire; inquired as to whether Gorey and Gano were still being
patrolled and reported parking problems at an apartment building on Elizabeth Street.


Fryman moved and Horne seconded to adjourn at 10:45 a.m. All ayes. Motion carried.



City Clerk


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