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					                         THE HARTT SCHOOL
                       RULES AND PROCUEDURES
1.   Purpose

     The Faculty Development Fund Committee of The Hartt School exists to distribute funds
     specifically designed for Hartt faculty development through a process of application and

2.   Committee Membership

     a)        Make-Up of the Committee
               The Committee comprises seven full-time Hartt collegiate faculty members. Each of the
               6 areas of study will be represented: Academic Studies, Instrumental Performance, Vocal
               Performance, Music Education, Dance, and Theatre. These members will be chosen by
               Division Directors. In addition, there will be one at- large member, appointed by the
               Dean of The Hartt School.
     b)        Length of Service
               Committee members will serve for a term of twp years. At least three new members will
               join the committee every year. Members may not serve two consecutive terms.
     c)        Chair
               A member of the committee who has completed on year of service will be elected by the
               committee members at the end of the academic year to serve as the committee’s Chair for
               the next academic year.
     d)        Quorum
               Four committee members shall constitute a quorum.

3.   Funding Eligibility

     All Hartt collegiate faculty are eligible to receive funds. Preference will be given to full-time
     faculty. There is no restriction on how often faculty members may apply for funds, but priority
     will be given to faculty who have not recently received funding for more than one project, a
     separate application is required for each request. Faculty Development Fund Committee members
     who are requesting funds must excuse themselves from deliberations and votes concerning their

4.   Application Procedure

     Applications may be submitted to the committee twice during the academic year. The deadlines
     for applications will be October 15 and February 15. The committee will meet at least twice
     during the academic year to evaluate and consider funding proposals. The committee may consider
     retroactive funding of recently-concluded projects or activities if funds are available.

5.   Funding Limits

     Awards will normally not exceed $2,000.

6.   Named Grant

     Any award of $4,000 or more will be designated a Primrose Fuller Faculty Development Grant.
     Acknowledgement of this named grant must be included on all related published materials.
7.     Eligible Proposals

       The committee will consider funding any activity which will further the career of a faculty
       member as a professional performer, creative artist, teacher or scholar and which will bring
       prestige to The Hartt School and the University of Hartford. Faculty Development Fund grants
       may not be used, however, for costs associated with the completion of an academic degree.
       Activities which will be considered for funding include, but are not limited o, research projects,
       creative works, performances, publication costs, and professionally-related travel expenses. Meals
       will be reimbursed at a rate of no more than $40 per diem. Air travel will be reimbursed at a
       rate not exceeding economy fare.

8.     Reporting Requirement

       Faculty members who have received funding from the Faculty Development Fund are required to
       submit a report on the project or activity. Failure to fulfill this requirement may be reflected in the
       committee’s future decisions.

9.     Committee Report

       The committee will issue and distribute to the faculty a yearly report which will list the names of
       all faculty who have been awarded funds along with the amount and purpose of the award.
       Information about awards will be made available to faculty upon request.

10.    Application for funds will take the following form:

                                           The Hartt School
                                Faculty Development Fund Application
                   Send application to Current Chair, Gabor Viragh, Hartt Box 483 or
                 via e-mail as a Microsoft Word attachment to <>.

I.     Name of Applicant

       Department, Rank and Tenure Status

       Date of last Hartt Faculty Development Grant

       Time period of proposed activity

II.    Detailed description of proposed activity/project

III.   Expectations: Explain the desired goals in terms of publication, performance, exhibition or
       professional/artistic enrichment. Explain the significance of the activity/project to the professional
       development of the applicant.

IV.    Budget: Include expenses, the amount sought from the Faculty Development Fund, and any
       outside sources of income. Note: Grants will not normally exceed $2,000.

V.     Partial Funding: Will the applicant accept an award of an amount less than that requested?

VI.    Supporting Materials: Applicants may submit additional materials such as letters, invitations, etc.
       relating to the proposed activity.

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