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Chesham Bois CEC School by v7166R


									Chesham Bois CEC School
September 2010

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

The School Fund is vital to the school…..but it isn’t just about the money!

If you can offer us your time this is just as important too. Many parents already help out
with reading, school clubs, cooking and the like and this is very much appreciated.
However if you can offer us your time in any other way (general maintenance,
gardening, painting or anything else!) please let me know. Some jobs such as plumbing
and electrical have to be undertaken by Bucks CC registered contractors but other jobs
can be done by volunteers and this is as good as contributing financially to the fund.

      Running a club at lunchtime or after school. Especially in the Autumn and Spring
       terms when the weather is cold and we have fewer opportunities for sports

      Maintaining the Reception garden weekly/monthly: raking sand, sweeping up
       sand, weeding, planting, raking shingle, washing outdoor equipment, re-painting
       the outside window frames and wooden cladding (every 3 years).

      Painting: the infant corridor, the portacabin, then Year 6 then the big one is the
       hall. The quiet room (old kitchen), the library, then we start again with Miss
       Joyce’s new room, Yr3, Yr4, Yr1 etc.

      More gardening: digging over and planting out at the front of the school near the
       shelter to smarten up the entrance. Donating excess plants. Maintaining a
       planting and weeding programme. Tidying up the overgrown woodland area.
       Fixing/replacing the fence adjacent to the path through the woodland.

      Washing down paintwork. Spring cleaning classrooms in summer holidays.
       Clearing out the loft. Clearing out and sorting the understore.

However money is needed! Last year the School Fund spent more money than came in.
This year we may have to cut back on, cancel or ask for a specific voluntary
contribution per child for special activities.

We do not want to insist on a donation. Some local schools do – and we understand that
- some far more than the amounts suggested below. Equally we do not want to make a
mandatory charge for attending after school clubs – which, again, some other local
schools do.

If you feel able to contribute financially we would suggest an amount of £50 per year or
£20 per term or £5 per month (paid by standing order). These are just suggestions and
you can pay less (or more!). Attached to this letter is a blank standing order form,
which you can print off, complete and return to the office. Also enclosed is a Gift Aid
form that we would also ask you to print off, complete and return. In this way we will
be able to reclaim the income tax you have already paid on your contribution.

We realise that not everyone can afford to make a contribution to the Fund and we are
only making this request to those that can easily offer the time or the money. If you can
make a financial contribution please note that we would only hope for one contribution
per family (ie not per child if you have more than one child in school).

Finally, we ask that you support the PTA by attending the fundraising events and
helping the committee to run the events. Your child directly benefits from your
support. Thank you.

Headteacher & Chairman of Governors

Last Financial Year April 2009 to March 2010

Donations made – thank you £3144.83


Elgiva trip £1800
Visiting theatre whole school £450
Sewing materials £46
Cooking ingredients £313
Trophies £103
African Drumming Day whole school £200
Wise Moves dancing whole school £204
Yr6 Victorian Day £260
Yr5 Greek day £330
Yr4 WW2 day £330
Yr3 Saxon day £330
Yr2 Great Fire of London day £330
Yr1 Toys from the past £330
Choir £1457
Music for Christmas Productions £64
Year 6 Summer production of Aladdin £204
Kincar Estates – rental of field and woodland £55
Tag Rugby Coach £80
Coaches to Amersham, DCHS, Dial-a-ride for joint school activities £205

Total: £7091

You may be thinking that the Government should provide adequate financial resources
for the above – they don’t .
Please consider making a donation.

Attached: Standing Order & Gift Aid forms

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