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Media Tips: When a Reporter Wants to Talk
 Prepare for the interview by gathering information about the Retirement Fund for Religious (RFR) and the factors
  contributing to the deficit in retirement funding among religious communities. Visit www.retiredreligious.org for facts
  and statistics and to learn how the RFR makes a difference. Details on contributions and distributions specific to your
  (arch)diocese are also available.
 Download the general press release and backgrounder from www.retiredreligious.org to share with the reporter.
 During the interview, try to be brief and to stay focused on the message you wish to emphasize. Repeat key facts.
 Avoid “insider” language and jargon.
 When faced with a question you cannot answer, promise to research the information and to follow-up with the
 Suggest a human interest story about one senior sister, brother, or religious order priest and his or her ministry.
 Advise religious communicators and media representatives that a variety of resources, including campaign photos and
  videos, are available for download at www.retiredreligious.org.
 Thank the reporter for his or her willingness to help raise awareness about the service and needs of our nation’s elderly

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