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									Cross Curricular Long Term Plan                                  Year: 6
Class Teacher:     GG/GS

                     Term 1                       Term 2                      Term 3                    Term 4                      Term 5                  Term 6

                     Tudors                       Mountains Rivers and        Kensuke’s Kingdom –       All Around the World –      SATS                    2012 Olympics
                                                  Streams - CONWAY            TRIP TO REDWOOD           Focus on Gambia/West        Y6 Production
                                                                              RAFT Building             Africa
                                                                                                        OTHER WORLD FAITH
TRIPS                RE VISITING SPEAKER –        CONWAY TRIP                 REDWOOD TRIP –            RE VISITING SPEAKER         REDWOOD – Micro –       CREALY PARK Y6
                     Christianity                 NOVEMBER 2011               MARCH 2012                World Faith                 organisms – Pond        Celebration TRIP
                                                                                                                                    Dipping/exploration     CATTLE COUNTRY – PTA
                                                                                                                                    LIFE SKILLS CENTRE      DEBATE CENTRE
Communication        Report writing,              Concrete Poetry,            Descriptive writing       Poetry (kennings etc)                               Film Study
Language and         Journalistic writing, Play   Traditional tales,          Biographies/auto          Comparison of work by       SATS                    Chariots of Fire
Literacy             scripts (Shakespeare)        Discussion texts            Novels, stories and       significant child authors                           The tightrope walker
                     Thesauruses and              Recounts                    poems by significant      Myths and legends.          Drama Unit – Y6         animation sequence
                     Dictionaries.                Instructions                writers – Michael         stories from other          Production              Auto Biographies
                                                                              Morpurgo, Persuasive      cultures - Africa                                   Biographies
                                                                              writing, formal writing   SATS PREPARATION                                    News reporting – Sporting
                                                                              (Letters)                                                                     Events
                                                                                                                                                            Journalistic Writing
                                                                                                                                                            Debate – Olympic Issues
Knowledge and        Tudors                       Geography Link              Exploration               Gambia - Geography          Geography Link          History of the Olympic
Understanding of                                                                                        Link                                                Games
the World
R.E                  The Establishing of the      Christmas – The
                     Church of England –          influence of the Festival
                     Separation from Rome
Social Development   Class Contracts –            Conway Community            Class Contract –          CHARITY LINK                Growing up programme,   CHARITY LINK
Dispositions and     Community Builders                                       Community Builders                                    SRE developed.          Transition – Links to
Attitudes            Year 6 Initiation                                                                                                                      Castle and KLB
                     RESPONSIBILITY –             RESILIENCE – Self           COURAGE – Making          COLLABORATION –             PRIDE – Understanding
                     Responding to challenges     Assessment, time            informed decisions        Prioritising actions and    changes to the human    ENTHUSIASM – Managing
                     and taking managed risks     management and              relating to drugs,        working towards a           body and how these      money and enterprise
                                                  contributions to            medicines and alcohol     common goal (raising        relate to human         School Olympics 2012
                                                  different groups            and dealing with          money for Talindig          reproduction
                                                                              negative pressure         School - Planning                                   Fund raising for Talindig
                                                                                                                                                              School - Implementation

Knowledge and         Structures – making Tudor   Christmas Celebration      Raft Building – Buoyancy     West African Cookery      Control – Electricity     Control – Electricity
Understanding of      Houses and artefacts        Food                       Aid for Michael                                        Making models work with   Making models work with
the World - DT                                                                                                                      batteries.                batteries.
Knowledge and         Forces in Action            Dissolving                 Reversible and               Interdependence and       Micro organisms – ICT     Micro organisms
Understanding of      Life Cycles Recap                                      Irreversible change          Adaptation                Link                      Changing Circuits
the World - Science   Earth Sun and Moon
                      Light including the Eye

Creative              Holbien – A study of an     Nature Inspires us         Art that tells the story     West African Art          Photography – Capturing   Photography – Capturing a
Development – Art     artist                      Sculpture, pottery,        of the Voyage of the         Printing                  a moment in time          moment in time
and Design            Portraits                   watercolour, weaving       ‘Peggy Sue’                  Jewellery                 Link to Sports            Link to Sports
                                                  (See Conway – Planning)    Sea Artists - Turner         Pottery                   Photography               Photography
Creative              Music of the 1485 – 1603    Christmas Production       Music Composition –          Djembe – Drumming         Performance Unit – Y6     Music that inspires
Development - Music   15th century                Performance Unit           Creating Mood to             Rhythms Bass              Production                Victory
                      Music composition and                                  develop Atmosphere           Tone/Open Tones                                     Famous Composers
                      appreciation – Singing                                 (relating to adventures                                                          Edward Elgar
                      Rounds                                                 within Kensuke’s                                                                 Vangelis
                                                                             Kingdom                                                                          Freddy Mercury

Physical              Gymnastics and Invasion     Outdoor adventurous        Net and Wall Games           Dance                     Striking and Fielding     Athletics
Development           Ball Games                  Activity                   (Netball)                    Hockey – Invasion Game    Games
Knowledge and         History Lead                Mountains, Rivers and      History Link –               Gambia – Environmental    Preparation for Study -   Countries competing in the
Understanding of      Exploration – Tudor         Streams                    Looking at Islands           Issues, Food, Language    Countries competing in    2012 Olympics
the World -           voyages                                                Habitat, Environment         and Culture               the 2012 Olympics         Personal Studies and
Geography             Frances Drake                                          Influence of the Sea         Study of place            Personal Studies and      Presentations
                      Walter Raleigh                                         (LINK TO JERSEY)             significantly different   Presentations
                      John Cabot                                                                          to our own
ICT                   Multimedia (y6)             Spreadsheets               Control and Monitoring       Using online revise.      Analysing data and        Analysing data and asking
                      PowerPoint Tudor England                               (Y6)                                                   asking questions          questions
                      Assembly Presentation       Using internet to search                                                          PPT                       PPT
                      Graphic modelling(y6)       large databases (y6)       Using Logo it – collecting   Using Word – Literacy     Using online revise.      Web-design (y6)
                                                  Collecting Images –        data                         Google Maps               Micro-Scopes              Micro - scopes
                                              Conway                   Sound recordings –                                                                 Using Cameras – digiCams
                                              Blog Page/Link off       atmosphere link to Music
                                              School Website
                                              Using Merlin

                  Year Book Development       Year Book Development    Year Book Development       Year Book Development      Year Book Development       Year Book Development
                  Book Reviews                Book Reviews             Book Reviews                Book Reviews               Book Reviews                Book Reviews
Mathematical      Place value and ordering,   Shape and space,         Place value, Pencil and     Measures including         Place value and ordering,   Shape and space,
Development and   Pencil and paper            Measuring, Pencil and    paper calculations for x    problems, pencil and       Pencil and paper            Measuring, Pencil and
Problem Solving   calculations for x and/,    paper procedures for     and/, Money and real life   paper procedures for all   calculations for x and/,    paper procedures for
                  Money and real life         money and real life      problems, Fractions,        four operations, SATs      Money and real life         money and real life
                  problems, Fractions,        problems, number         decimals and                revision and boosting,     problems, Fractions,        problems, number
                  decimals and percentages,   sequences, reasoning     percentages, Ratio and      Problem solving focus,     decimals and                sequences, reasoning about
                  Ratio and proportion.,      about numbers.           proportion., Data, Using    Reasoning about            percentages, Ratio and      numbers.
                  Data, Using a calculator.                            a calculator, shape and     problems.                  proportion., Data, Using
                                                                       space.                                                 a calculator.

TRACKING          Writing       Baselines     PPM                      Writing      Testing        MOCK SATS - February       SATS - May                  Transition Units for Y7
PROGRESS          Reading       and                                    Reading      Focus
                  Mental        Targeting –                            Mental       Teaching                                                              Step up days
                                                                                                   BOOSTING                   Teacher Assessments
                  Maths         October                                Maths        and
                  Spelling      after LA      Teacher Targets/End of   Spelling     Learning
                  Maths         inspection    KS 2 Predictions         Maths        Set Focus                                 PPM                         PM Review
                                                                                                      1.  Writing
                  using and                                            using and    Groups
                                                                                                      2. Maths
                  Applying      Set Focus                              Applying
                                                                                                      3. Reading
                  PMs           Groups                                              PPM

                                                                       SATS PREPARATION            1 hour sessions after
                                                                       EVENING                     school 2 days a week
                                                                       CGP Publications

                                                                   Leading Topic will be shaded

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