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					  WorkSafe Prevention Fund
   Guidelines for Applicants

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1. The WorkSafe Prevention Fund

2. Who can apply?

3. What will be funded?

4. How will the application be assessed?

5. How to apply

6. The application process

7. If you are successful

8. More information

9. Privacy Statement
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1. The WorkSafe Prevention Fund

The WorkSafe Prevention Fund established from 1 July 2007 exists to encourage
and support collaboration between organisations to contribute to the well-being of
workers by creating sustainable initiatives and/ or by informing and educating
Victorians so that sustained improvements in workplace health and safety can be

2. Who can apply?
Organisations that focus in providing information and supporting several
workplaces (i.e. representative groups of employers and employees, academic
institutions or other government/ community support organisations).

Initiatives that will be supported must have a broad application that extends
beyond individual organisations, or must provide outcomes that are available for
publicising and implementing as widely as possible.

Applicants will need to have the necessary expertise, resources and capacity to
undertake, manage and evaluate the proposed initiative.

3. What will be funded?
The Prevention Fund will consider initiatives that:

      Focus on WorkSafe’s priority areas and will provide an opportunity to create
       a sustained and permanent change to the workplace; and

      Provide outcomes that are available for publicising and implementing across

The program is targeted towards grant funding where it is the most effective tool
to address barriers to improved workplace health and safety. Particularly where it
prevents injuries and encourages innovation in the key industry sectors that have
high risk, high injury rates as well as supporting vulnerable workers.

The priorities for funding are based on WorkSafe’s annual business plan to focus
and identify the risks faced and target our resources towards the most significant,
so as to prevent injuries and fatalities where they occur most often.
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3.1 Two categories of funding
The Prevention Fund will consider initiatives that fall into two broad categories (a
proposed initiative may span both categories).

Workplace Change – initiatives that develop and implement workplace health and
safety initiatives to create workplace change by:

      Making a significant contribution to workplace health and safety for
       Victorians by the development & implementation of high level workplace
       health and safety solutions; and,

      Creating sustainable long term solutions to address the biggest risks,
       protect the vulnerable and prepare us for the future.

Information and Education – initiatives that seek to reduce information and
education gaps by facilitating long term sustainable change by:

      Providing cost effective information to support high risk areas with an
       information gap; and/or,
      Providing practical, accessible and customised information/education to
       address the biggest risks, protect the vulnerable and prepare us for the

4. How will the application be assessed?
WorkSafe is responsible for ensuring that the Prevention Fund supports initiatives
that are in keeping with the intentions of the Fund. In order to satisfy this
requirement, applications will be assessed against their ability to meet WorkSafe’s
strategic objectives, Prevention Fund objectives and established eligibility criteria.

4.1 WorkSafe’s Strategic Objectives
In line with Strategy 2012 WorkSafe funded projects will need to:

      Make a significant contribution to workplace health and safety for Victorians
       by the development & implementation of high level (elimination or
       substitution), workplace health and safety solutions

      Create sustainable long term solutions to address the biggest risks, protect
       the vulnerable and prepare us for the future

      Engage, inform, provide resources and support WorkSafe stakeholders to
       lead workplace health and safety outcomes in the sector
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4.2 Objectives for the Prevention Fund
The project must contribute to enhancing workplace health and safety or reducing
information gaps in that:

     The applicant is an organisation that has an focus in providing information
      and supporting several workplaces (i.e. representative groups of employers
      and employees or academic institutions or other governmental/ community
      support organisations)
     Provides for adequate and appropriate consultation with overarching
      organisations where relevant to facilitate agreement regarding the design
      and implementation of the project
     Supports stakeholder groups not directly involved in, but affected by the
      project, for example: employers, workers, trade unions, industry and
      professional associations
     Indicates how the project provides a unique contribution to health and
      safety that no other resource can provide

4.3 Project plan
The Project Plan must demonstrate now it will enhance health and safety in the
workplace by:

     Supporting innovation and ideas that translate into sustainable practical
     Maximising opportunities to extend industry sectors beyond basic OHS
     Giving leadership in industry sector best practice
     Supporting partnerships and collaborations – which build expertise and
     Fostering networks – within and between industry sectors and the Victorian
     Demonstrating efficient use of resources
     Making a significant impact – measured either by the size of the audience or
      by the depth of the impact for a small target group
     Feasibility of implementing the project plan within the proposed timeframe
     Demonstrating the outline of the project outcomes, outputs, associated
      performance measures and monitoring/ evaluation that demonstrate
      achievement of project aims
     Providing evidence of research supporting the project or other
      substantiation supporting the basis for the proposal
     Meeting the set financial requirements (provided in the application form)
      and appropriate budget monitoring systems are demonstrated
     Demonstrating the capacity of the applicant industry parties to effectively
      deliver the project plan, (Applicant’s reference check must demonstrate
      experience and capacity to undertake the project)
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5. How to apply

5.1 Contact the Prevention Fund Manager
Prospective applicants, if they haven’t already done so, should contact the
WorkSafe Prevention Fund Manager to discuss their application as early as possible
prior to making a formal submission.
This will allow WorkSafe to:
  •    Ensure the application does not duplicate existing or planned work
  •    Ensure the initiative links with the Prevention Fund Purpose and objectives
  •    Provide initial advice on whether the application meets the selection criteria
Any recommendation or advice provided by WorkSafe to a prospective applicant is
not a representation or assurance that the prospective applicant will be successful.

5.2 Complete the Prevention Fund Application Form
To enable assessment, applicants will be required to make their submissions using
the Prevention Fund application form that includes the following basic elements:

      Applicant details including a CV summary of the project manager
      Evidence of consistency with the purpose and objectives of the Prevention Fund
      Evidence of the principles of the Prevention Fund in the project details
      A finite plan with identified milestones, an appropriate duration for the
       initiative, commencement and expected completion dates, clear deliverables
       and outcomes set out in the Schedule of Activities
      Details of how success of the initiative will be evaluated, including initial
       measurement and measurement upon completion.
      A risk management strategy that identifies risks and implements
       appropriate strategies to mitigate them
      A workplace occupational Health and Safety management plan
      A proposed budget that is commensurate with the project methodology and
       deliverables (funding sought through applications must be commensurate
       with the scope and benefits of the proposed initiative)
      Proposed links between deliverables, timeframes and/or expenditure for
       progress reports and, where applicable, progress payments

5.3 Submit the Application
Two hardcopies and an electronic copy of the application should be submitted to
Manager, Workplace Support & Education
WorkSafe Victoria
Level 22
222 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000

By submitting an application, an applicant will be taken to have accepted and
agreed to be bound by all of the terms and conditions in these guidelines.
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6. The Application Process
Applications are assessed through a two stage selection process upon receipt

    1. The application is assessed by the WorkSafe Prevention Fund Technical
       Review Group against Strategic, Technical, and Project merits.
    2. The WorkSafe Prevention Fund Approvals Committee endorses a
       recommendation for funding from the Technical Review Group

Should any information be required from the applicant throughout this stage,
WorkSafe will request clarification.

Should an applicant not be satisfied with the process undertaken, a review of the
decision made by the Approvals Committee is able to be requested. Applicants
should advise WorkSafe in writing about their request for review within 21 days of
receiving a decision regarding funding.

6.2 Eligible costs
As a guide, project costs eligible for funding include:
Salaries of personnel engaged to conduct the project, travel, infrastructure,
equipment costs and other direct costs
Promotional and demonstration activities such as seminars, and costs to establish
and maintain networks and partnerships
In the specific instance where the project is supporting the purchase of high order
risk control equipment costs are eligible as a proportion of the cost of risk control
equipment (up to 50%) and a proportion of development costs of risk control
equipment (up to 50%)

6.3 Ineligible costs
Project costs that are ineligible for funding include:

   Costs primarily focused on the development and funding of commercial
   Costs funded by other sources
   Projects primarily focused on research or the development of documents
   The duplication of existing initiatives that are or would be undertaken WorkSafe
    as part of its normal business activities
   Capital expenditure – for overheads related to the ongoing activities of an
   Existing commercial services or products
   Overseas travel, or to further education of an individual
   Retrospective project-related activities
   Initiatives solely designed to allow an individual or organisation to comply with
    statutory obligations and/or requirements
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   Initiatives that protect or shield an individual or organisation from their
    minimum statutory obligations
   Anything that is illegal, for example, in relation to the Accident Compensation
    Act 1985, the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the Information
    Privacy Act 2000 etc

7. If you are successful

7.1 Contract & Funding Agreement

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a contractual agreement with
WorkSafe. (A copy of the standard contract can be obtained upon request from
WorkSafe). The contract will stipulate

       The work to be carried out
       When reports are due
       Payment conditions
       Conditions of termination

7.2 Reporting requirements

The contract will require progress and final reports at specified intervals. These
reports must be accompanied by a covering letter from the project manager
stating that the information provided accurately reflects the current status of the

The intellectual property developed throughout the project is solely owned by
WorkSafe. However WorkSafe in its funding agreement will grant to the applicant
a royalty free and non-exclusive license to use the intellectual property developed
for the term and sole purpose of the project.

7.3 Monitoring

Successful applicants will be required to submit regular financial reports and the
payment of funds will be linked to the achievement of agreed milestones.

WorkSafe will monitor and track the delivery of the objectives and agreed
milestones within the budget and timeframe.

The successful applicant is accountable for the timely submission of reports and
satisfactory completion of the project.
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7.4 Evaluation plan
Your application will need to demonstrate an effective way of how you will
evaluate progress against the expected outcomes of your project.
In developing your plan please consider the following:

   a. Are your projects outcomes measurable?
      Identify the expected outcomes of your project and how they can be
      measured. This will allow you to demonstrate how you are achieving your
      outcomes to WorkSafe.

   b. What evaluation methods are appropriate?
      It is important to identify appropriate quantitative and qualitative
      performance measures to assess your project prior to commencement.
      Consider your evaluation method, which is what data you will require for
      your performance measures and how you will need to collect it.

   c. Performance Measures
      Performance measures are used as targets to measure the success of your
      project. They can be either quantitative measures are expressed as a
      number or degree of change, data will be required to be collected at the
      start of the project to identify a baseline against which change will be
      measured . Or qualitative measures such as focus groups, surveys or

   d. Measuring the project’s impact
      Short term and long term evaluations of change are essential to determine
      what impact the project has had.
      Utilise other tools available to you that can provide assistance to measuring
      impact, such as workers compensation data, workplace records, and other
      areas that can assist in determining the economic / behavioural/ attitudinal
      and cultural change.

   e. How will the evaluation be used?
      As well as assisting WorkSafe to assess your project against the key
      milestones you applied for, evaluation can allow you to promote your
      successes in improving health and safety in your organisation and industry.
      Contact WorkSafe Prevention fund to discuss further opportunities to share
      your story.
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8. More Information
Contact the WorkSafe Prevention Fund Manager
Prior to making a submission, prospective applicants should contact the Prevention
Fund Manager on (03) 9641 1682 to discuss their proposal. All information,
enquiries and applications are treated as confidential.

Interested parties can also email enquiries to
or Visit our website at

Guidelines may change without notice
WorkSafe reserves the right to amend or alter these guidelines at any time without
notice to applicants.

9. Privacy Statement
All information submitted will be treated as confidential, but applicants are advised
that WorkSafe may be compelled by law to disclose some or all of the information
including as a result of a request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982

The applicant consents to WorkSafe using and disclosing all personal information
contained in the applications for the purpose of evaluating, selecting or
administering the application or the project described in it.

The application may include personal information. The applicant warrants that in
respect of any personal information included in the application, the relevant
individuals consent to WorkSafe using the personal information in accordance with
this section.

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