The Board of Directors met in private on 9 January 2008 by f6754LFa


									              Board of Directors Meeting 9 January 2008

The Board of Directors met in private on 9 January 2008.

The Board considered a number of reports and had resolved to make the
following public:

      Charitable Fund Annual Report and Financial Statements
      Psychological therapies funding opportunities
      Annual Heath Check Deep Dive Analysis
      Amended Complaints Annual Report
      Data Security

The following is a summary of the meeting:

The Board received an update on the Trust’s financial position from 1 April 2007
to 30 November 2007 and were pleased to note that it is currently on track to
meet its year end targets. The Board was keen to look at reinvestment
opportunities in line with the Trust’s priorities.

The Board accepted the Charities accounts and agreed to develop clearer
criteria for spending more of the charitable fund on imaginative projects for
service users and staff welfare and amenities.

The Board looked at the monthly performance management scorecard but noted
that there were still difficulties in how data was collected, analysed and reported
which made the data somewhat unreliable. A major piece of work is underway to
resolve these difficulties and the Board will receive a full report back on progress
at their April meeting.

The Board noted the Trust Risk Register and found that no additional action was
required to manage the identified risks.

In looking at the report on funding opportunities for psychological therapies the
Board noted that work is ongoing to ensure that the Trust has an analysis of all
such therapy currently provided by the Trust and an agreed position statement
on what they would like to provide in future to enable them to support PCTs in
putting forward robust bids once the criteria is announced by the DoH. The Board
felt strongly that it was key to have a good understanding of the psychological
therapies currently provided and the benefits accruing from them and would
continue to focus on this issue.

The Board signed off the Annual Health Check for 2006/2007 and were pleased
that there are no significant lapses to report to the Healthcare Commission. The
Board noted that this was a very complex system of measuring the Trust’s
effectiveness and agreed that it was important for the Board to continue to
scrutinise each of the standards in some detail to assure itself on the quality
standards of all the Trust’s services.

The Board considered a report on the Trust’s data security which showed
adequate governance arrangements with no losses of person-identifiable data in
the last 12 months. However the Trust is seeking further assurance in this
important area and is carrying out a thorough review of all its data security with a
view to obtaining external accreditation of its systems and processes.

The Board also discussed a number of longer-term strategic issues including
developing an organisational development programme, reviewing its approach to
business opportunities and remodelling the current approach to contracting.

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