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					The Way the World is Now
The Way the World is Now
The Way the World is Now
The Way the World is Now
20/20 Commission

A Different Approach
           20/20 Commission
The mission of the 20/20 Commission was very specific,
where the PAL Report was a State-wide proposal.

We are a group of businessmen, civil servants, and unpaid
Samaritans; not a team of consultants or academic, like
Norbridge, Shaw, and UNO.

I make lousy Powerpoint, ClipArt and iWork
We agree on
the absolute
need for
Working Together. . .
Who is going to work together?
Orleans has 4 positions: How many on the new Board?

Jefferson is now the most populated Parish in the State:
How many positions on the new board?

St Bernard & Plaquemines have existing Port, Harbor &
Terminal Districts.

How will future developments be staged?
   Definition of the Role of the
       20/20 Commission

We will work on the relationship.

We will leave development decisions to the future Board
 Considerations: Pros & Cons

Air draft of Crescent City Connection

Limited riverfront on East Bank

MRGO & St. Claude lock

Road & Rail access to lower Parishes

Cost of construction considerations
         The Simple Solution

Adequate funding

Proper Governance

Coordinated effort
Skunk on the Table
            The Domino Effect

The Port of New Orleans is critically under-funded. If you
make it bigger without adequate funding, it becomes
criminally under-funded.

The low hanging fruit are Napoleon 2 and NOCS, and the
railheads currently in PNO.

The current business climate is too competitive to not
put our best foot forward.

Ports are a business; you expand for business
         Port 20/20 Commission

A continuation of the 20/20 Commission in an advisory role
to vet future maritime opportunities presented to the
Louisiana Department of Economic Development and/or
Greater New Orleans, Inc. The Commission would work to
coordinate and place a given opportunity in the most
suitable and economically viable site, or a recommendation
that the current makeup of the Board of Commissioners of
the Port of New Orleans be amended.
Option 1: 20/20 Advisory Committee

This recommendation would not involve any legislation but
would set up the 20/20 Commission as the body charged
with coordinating the efforts to bring an opportunity to fruition.

The advantages are that this is not a political solution; and
while its authority is less than a legislative initiative, there
certainly would be less resistance to its implementation.
     Option 2: Legislation & Board
This recommendation would involve amending the makeup of
the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans.

Currently, the Board is made up of (4) Commissioners from
Orleans Parish, (2) from Jefferson Parish, and (1) from St.
Bernard Parish.

This makeup would be amended to (3) Commissioners from
Orleans Parish, (2) Jefferson Parish, and (2) from St. Bernard
Parish and (2) from Plaquemines Parish.
     The 20/20 Commission Strongly
     Stresses the Importance of the
That the current structures and statues of the St. Bernard
Port, Harbor & Terminal District and the Plaquemines Port &
Harbor District be left as-is and intact.

Currently, there is a system whereby the tariffs and levies
of the Port of St. Bernard are consistent with the Port of
New Orleans and vice versa.

There is a need to act decisively and quickly.
The 20/20 Port Commissioners

                   Dr. Charles Teamer
             Chairman of Dryades Savings Bank

                          Mike Bush
              President of Mississippi River Bank

                        Jerry Becnel
                 President of J.W. Allen & Co.
The 20/20 Port Commissioners

                         Robert J Scafidel
                      Executive Director of the
            St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District

                             Ray Seamon
                          Representative of the
          Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission

                        Matthew Wypyski
             Executive VP of New Orleans Terminal LLC
The 20/20 Port Commissioners
                          Terry White
                   Ports America Louisiana Inc.

                          Richard Grillot
           representing the Plaquemines Parish Council

                          Danny Hughes
              (Chairman) President & CEO of Diversified
                 Group LLC and former member
                         of the Dock Board
          Status of Bill HB779

Passed in the House on 5/20/2009
100 yes     2 no

In the Senate Committee:
Transportation, Highway and Public Works
                             From Here. . .
                                     Senate Committee:
                    Transportation, Highway and Public Works

William J. “Joe” McPherson, Jr (Chairman)                David R. Heitmeier
              (318) 484-2211                              (504) 361-6356         

      Dale M. Erdy (vice Chairman)                       Willie L. Mount
            (225) 686-2881                               (337) 491-2016          

            Robert R. Adley                            B. L. “Buddy” Shaw
            (318)965-1755                                (318) 861-5941           

           Butch Gautreaux
            (985) 380-2433               
Thank You

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