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Saving Money on Vehicle Fuel


									It is important to save fuel even if this is a difficult task. The
volatile economy may be one reason why vehicle owners should strive to
accomplish the said objective. It is important to go direct to the point.
You can start by doing the following steps:

• Monitor your fuel economy and make use of the gas consumption display.
Try to get a gadget which allows motorists to keep a tab of individual
trips or parts of regular travels. However, if this is not possible, you
need to focus on other simple but effective techniques.

• Use lubricants for the engine that are free from ethanol. This ethyl
alcohol does not only congest the engine but breaks down fuel economy as
well. Watch out for and avoid gas stations which mix ethanol in gas
tanks. It generates at least 15 percent of miles per gas loss. Instead,
opt for synthetic oil which can bring about a minimum of 5 percent miles
per gas gain.

• Rid your vehicle of unnecessary weight so remove all the useless items
from your car compartment. This is most effective especially for driving
in urban areas. Experts say that you can save as much as 3 percent of
fuel if you discard heavy loads. Dispose of roof carriers that are not
being used. These racks can use up almost 8 percent of your MPG
particularly while driving on the freeways.

• Try to change your route and choose flat pavements instead of rough
roads. Even passageways provide a much lower resistance to rolling.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful tips that prudent motorists can adapt to
help in fuel conservation techniques:

• Modifying your vehicle will not enhance mileage. Power improvement may
even impair mileage. This will happen since you are inclined to drive
more assertively because of the power changes.

• Make it a point to keep a record of the number of miles you have
travelled to let you detect changes in car performance. This may also
help you to concentrate on the aim of saving gas.

• Learn how to drive in between traffic stops. Step on the accelerator
enough to keep the car moving. However, this depends on the traffic flow
as well. At the same time, make use of engine breaking to save more fuel
in the course of driving.

There are also some pointers that you can consider for your gas
conservation initiative:

• Refrain from stopping the engine if you will just allow the car to be
idle for less than one minute. If you stop and start frequently, the
engine has the tendency to deteriorate faster and lead to more
unwarranted expenses.

• Majority of gas-saving gadgets are not effective so avoid buying these
devices. In case, claims are true, these products are still expensive so
you do not save any money at all.
• Take care in shifting to neutral gear when going down. It may even
unfasten the car engine from the transmission system. The change will
also cause you to break repeatedly. This is not the way to save gas or
ruin your car.

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