Drive an Audi Car and Feel Like an Olympic Athlete by farmvillelove


									It was announced last week in the media that President of the Russian
Federation, Vladimir Putin, awarded a brand new Audi car to each
competing Russian athlete who brought home a medal from the London 2012
Summer Games. With Putin's appearance in the headlines for other reasons
having overshadowed this Olympic moment, the athletes and their beautiful
cars deserve to be put in the limelight and honored nonetheless.

In a ceremony outside the Kremlin, an Audi A8 was awarded to each Gold
medalist, an A7 to those who won a Silver medal, with bronze medal-
winners taking home an A6.

Thanks to Audi Hire you do not have to be an athlete or a medal winner to
experience the same degree of elation behind the wheel of an Audi R8.
With performance credentials befitting of Olympic winners, the car is
even presented via Audi Car Hire UK in the silver of prize-winning
medallions. This is not surprising since it is not only Audi's first mid-
engined super car, but has absorbed the genes of Audi's five-time Le Mans
wining cars.

The groundbreaking engineering inside this supreme example of Audi Car
Hire shines through in this superb roadster. The Audi R8's V8 engine
delivers a stellar act, achieving the 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.6
seconds. Even a leading track athlete would be left silent for once. The
explosive 415 bhp guarantees an electrifying self-drive hire. To guide
this strong speed orientation, a muscular chassis built with aluminum
double wishbones at the front and back means that the car is always
supremely under your control. Of course this is complemented by Audi's
hallmark all-wheel drive.

It is not just the performance of this contender for leadership of the
Super Car Hire crown which will leave you breathless however. The looks
of this car will hold you more spellbound than the Olympic Opening and
Closing ceremonies. The single-frame grill, LED lights, and multiple fins
on the sports air intakes all masterfully highlight the function of this
car. The Ice Silver silhouette outside is the perfect cloak for the
immaculate interior on the inside. Black leather racing-style seating
leaves you with no confusion as to the character of this Audi Car Rental.
Yet a cocoon of comfort surrounds you for the feeling you crave from
Luxury Car Hire. Brushed aluminum gear paddles nestle in the superbly
soft leather interior for the right balance of performance and opulence.

An inspired choice for self-drive hire, you will easily feel like part of
the winning team.

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