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draft London Plan
for initial consultation with the
London Assembly and the GLA Group

Housing provision targets

For initial consultation with the London Assembly and the GLA Group
(Transport for London, the London Development Agency, the
Metropolitan Police Authority and the London Fire and Civil Defence

July 2005

I am publishing these draft alterations to the London
Plan’s policies on housing provision targets for initial
consultation with the London Assembly and the GLA
Group (Transport for London, the London Development
Agency, and the Police and Fire Services).

The London Plan published in February 2004 included
housing provision targets based on the London Housing
Capacity Study published in 2000. The London Plan
however recognised that that the 23,000 Londonwide
target was
insufficient to meet projected household population growth
and to reduce the backlog of existing unmet housing need, and I therefore set out in the
Plan my commitment to undertaking a new housing capacity study to seek to identify
capacity towards an output of 30,000.

I am therefore please to say that the new housing capacity study I published on 26th
July, which was carried out with the full cooperation of all London boroughs and the
City Corporation, has identified a housing capacity over the ten year period 2007/8 to
2016/17 of 315,050 homes and I am therefore proposing a new annual housing
provision target for London of 31,505 to be effective from April 2007. I am pleased that
in recent years we have been achieving the 23,000 target for additional homes from all

I recognise that an increase in the target of 8,505 homes a year – or 37% – presents a
major challenge. This new target is however based on all residential development
meeting the policy framework I set out in the London Plan – continued protection of
Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Space, retention of employment land sufficient to
support the London plan projections for employment growth, and development which
meets the principles of Sustainable Residential Quality set out in the London Plan –
development at appropriate densities which meets the full range of housing

I look forward to hearing the views of my colleagues in the Assembly and the GLA
group on these draft policy alterations, and will consider their responses before
consulting with all Londoners later this year.

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London
July 2005


These draft alterations to London Plan policies on Housing provision targets have been
prepared by the Mayor for initial consultation with the London Assembly and the GLA
Group, under the provisions of:
   S.335(1) of the Greater London Authority Act 1999 (which deals with initial
    consultation with the Assembly and the functional bodies) and
   S.341 of the Act (which deal with preparing alterations to the spatial development

Legally, these initial consultation draft alterations have to be considered only by the
Assembly and the GLA Group. However, the Mayor is keen also to hear from London
boroughs and other key stakeholders at this early stage.

In October, the Mayor intends to commence a three month period of full public
consultation on these draft alterations.

An Examination in Public into these alterations will be held next year.

In this document draft alterations to the published London Plan (both policy and
supporting justification) are shown in bold typeface. The Mayor’s Foreword and this
Introduction do not form part of the draft alterations.

Your response is invited to these initial draft alterations. Please reference your
comments to the relevant numbered policies and/or paragraphs in this document.

Responses must be received by 5.00 pm on Friday 9 September 2005, and should be sent

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London
(housing provision targets alterations)
Greater London Authority
London SE1 2BR

or by email to with ‘housing provision targets alterations’ as the

Housing provision targets
Increasing the overall supply of housing

Policy 3A.1 Increasing London’s supply of housing
The minimum target for housing provision is 31,505 additional homes per year.

Borough targets are set out in Table 3A.1. These targets will be the basis of
monitoring up to 2016/7. This figure will be reviewed by 2011 and periodically

The Mayor will, and the boroughs should, promote policies that seek to achieve and
exceed this target.

 Policy 3A.2 Borough housing targets
 Development plan document policies should:

    seek to exceed the figures in Table 3A.1 and to address the suitability of housing
     development in terms of location, type of development and impact on the locality
     (see policies, 3D.8, 3D.9, 3D.13, 4B.11 and 4B.12)

    identify new sources of supply having regard to:

      - Major development in Opportunity Areas and in the London parts of the
        Thames Gateway and London-Stansted-Cambridge-Peterborough growth
      - Redevelopment of low density commercial sites to secure mixed use residential
      - Change of use of surplus industrial/employment land to residential or mixed
        use development, while protecting land supply for projected employment
        growth and required waste facilities.
      - Redevelopment in town centres.
      - Intensification of housing provision through development at higher
        densities where consistent with the principles of sustainable residential
        quality set out in policy 4B.3 and the density location and parking matrix
        in table 4B.1.

    Review existing identified housing sites and include existing and proposed
     housing sites on Proposals Maps. The capacity of housing sites should be
     determined in accordance with the urban design and density policies of this plan
     (see policies 4B.1, 4B.2 and 4B.3 as well as affordable housing policies 3A.7 and

    Monitor housing approvals and completions against the annual monitoring
     targets in Table 3A.1 and against any higher targets adopted in their UDPs or
     development plan documents.

Table 3A.1 Housing provision: Targets for additional homes 2007/8 to 2016/17
Areas                     ten year target       annual monitoring target

Central sub-region
Camden                    5950                  595
Islington                 11250                 1125
Kensington and Chelsea    2500                  250
Lambeth                   11350                 1135
Southwark                 16250                 1625
Wandsworth                7650                  765
Westminster               7050                  705
Sub-total                 62000                 6200

East sub-region
Barking and Dagenham      11900                 1190
Bexley                    3700                  370
City                      1700                  170
Greenwich                 20100                 2010
Hackney                   9950                  995
Havering                  5100                  510
Lewisham                  10800                 1080
Newham                    35100                 3510
Redbridge                 16300                 1630
Tower Hamlets             31150                 3115
Sub-total                 145800                14580

West sub-region
Brent                     13150                 1315
Ealing                    8450                  845
Hammersmith and Fulham    4800                  480
Harrow                    4000                  400
Hillingdon                4250                  425
Hounslow                  4350                  435
Sub-total                 39000                 3900

North sub-region
Barnet                    19650                 1965
Enfield                   4350                  435
Haringey                  7200                  720
Waltham Forest            6000                  600
Sub-total                 37200                 3720

South sub-region
Bromley                   5200                  520
Croydon                   11200                 1120
Kingston                  4650                  465
Merton                    3850                  385
Richmond                  2700                  270
Sutton                    3450                  345
Sub-total                 31050                 3105

London                    315050                31505

3.9    This plan sets the policy framework for distributing housing capacity among the
       boroughs and for realising and monitoring that development. The GLA’s new
       Housing Capacity Study (published in July 2005) is the most comprehensive
       study of London’s housing capacity and the targets derived from it, set out in
       Table 3A.1, remain the best available basis for monitoring housing provision.

3.10   There is considerable housing capacity in London to respond to both existing
       and future housing demand; more capacity can be achieved through
       redevelopment and applying higher densities. Boroughs should investigate
       additional sources of housing capacity and identify further sites, applying higher
       densities where appropriate (see Table 4B.1). As the more conventional sources
       of additional housing dry up, new options will have to be followed through more

3.11   The Mayor carried out a new comprehensive housing capacity study in 2004
       which updates the borough figures set out in Table 3A.1 of the published
       London Plan which were based on the GLA 2000 Housing Capacity Study.
       This study has identified capacity based on the full implementation of London
       Plan policies concerning density, mixed-use development, policies for town
       centres and the suburbs, the reuse of employment land and buildings, as well as
       the residential capacity of the Opportunity Areas.
3.12   These targets are for net additional homes, and include additional dwellings
       provided through development and redevelopment, and conversions from
       residential and non-residential properties, together with long-term vacant
       properties brought back into use and household spaces in new non-self-contained
       accommodation. They are net of losses through redevelopment and conversion,
       through change of use and demolition of residential property and any properties
       falling into long term vacancy.

3.13   The Mayor has published draft Supplementary Planning Guidance on
       planning for housing provision (December 2004), including guidance on
       how UDP/development plan document policies should promote future
       housing provision in line with the London Housing Capacity Study4. This
       will be published as a final Housing SPG (combining housing provision and
       affordable housing) in Summer 2005.

3.14   Monitoring the housing provision figures is an essential part of the ‘plan,
       monitor and manage’ approach to ensure that the London Plan delivers as many
       additional homes each year as is reasonably possible. Table 3A.1 sets out annual
       monitoring targets for each borough. The GLA will continue to monitor
       provision annually.

3.15   In setting the monitoring target to 2016/17, the Mayor has taken account of
       the relationship between London and the rest of the southeast, and the
       recommendations of the Barker report on housing supply. He will continue
       to work in close collaboration with the Regional Planning Bodies for the South
       East and East of England to ensure a consistent approach to addressing the
       needs of inter-regional migration and household growth.


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