The IF Function by f6754LFa


									                                            The IF Function


       Can be used in lessons to give students feedback for right and wrong answers.

                Example: =IF(A1=17,“Correct!”,“Try Again”)

                Result:    If cell A1 contains the number 17, then the word Correct! will be displayed. If cell

                           A1 contains anything other than the number 17, then the words Try Again will be


Multiple IF’s

       In order to suppress the words Try Again from showing before a student has entered any answer, you can

       create multiple a IF statement.

                Example: =IF(A1=””, “ “, IF(A1=17,“Correct!”,“Try Again”))

                Result:    If A1 has nothing in it (“”), then a space (“ “) will be displayed.

                                =IF(A1=””, “ “, IF(A1=17,“Correct!”,“Try Again”))

                           If A1 contains a value, then the second IF compares it to the number 17 and displays

                           either Correct! or Try Again.

                                =IF(A1=””, “ “, IF(A1=17,“Correct!”,“Try Again”))

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