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                                        Caring For Your Commercial Furniture: Metal
                                                          By Tony Nibbinsworth

   Metal furniture whether it is chrome, wrought iron, or some sort of steel can make a lovely addition
to any home. You can find various pieces of metal furniture in all manner of decors from those that are
classically inspired to those that are more modern. Regardless of the overall design theme you are
trying to create for your home, one thing remains certain: your metal furniture must be properly cared
for in order to prevent potential problems down the road and to maintain and sustain its beauty.

Keeping Your Chrome Furniture Clean and Protected

 Chrome creates beautiful and durable stools and chairs that are quite popular for their appearance as
much as their strength. In order to maintain both the strength and rugged good looks that chrome
presents in commercial furniture it must be properly maintained and cared for. If you do not have a
great deal of experience dealing with chrome it can seem a bit new and different but some concepts
are much the same as working with any other pieces of furniture. Spills must be attended to
immediately for best results. You do not want to allow liquid to linger long around any type of chrome
furniture or items as it can cause an alarming amount of damage.

 For everyday cleaning it is generally fine to do a bit of dry dusting of your chrome furniture. For deep
cleaning and to remove sticky stains that may be left behind it is a good idea to use water and a mild
soap. It is extremely important however that you make sure you dry it well and dry it completely before
moving on. Water and chrome are not good companions.

 Chrome is an attractive option that works well in modern decorating styles as well as a nice 1950's
diner style. Regardless of your reason for using chrome it is an investment that is wise to protect. If you
care for your chrome furniture it will last quite a while making it an attractive and durable addition.

The Care and Cleaning of Wrought Iron Furniture

 When it comes to metal furniture one of the most common and must beautiful to many people is
wrought iron furniture. If you really want your wrought iron furniture to last a lifetime or longer then you
need to take excellent care of it during your lifetime. Frequent dusting with a dry cloth is an excellent
way to keep dust and debris from building up and causing problems of their own. In addition occasional
washing with water and a mild detergent is recommended in order to lengthen the life and maintain the
beauty. It is vitally important however that you thoroughly dry your wrought iron furniture and never

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allow it to sit in standing water. Rust is a constant concern and water is enemy number one. You
should also avoid allowing condensation to build up on your wrought iron furniture by keeping your
home overly humid.

 For amazing protective results you should use some form of car wax or furniture spray designed
specifically for wrought iron furniture for added protection and a little 'sprucing up.' Your wrought iron
furniture will serve you well as long as you take the steps above as preventative maintenance.

 There are a few things you can do if you ever begin to notice rust spots appearing on your wrought
iron furniture. Most wrought iron manufacturers offer touch up paint. It is highly recommended that you
purchase this paint and keep it easily accessible.

 Once you begin to notice rust spots (the weld points are usually the first place you will see rust make
its appearance) you can attempt to rub lightly with a steel wool pad and kerosene (for slight problems)
or a wire brush for more advanced problems. Be careful to avoid damaging the paint whenever and
wherever possible but be prepared to touch up the paint if necessary. Once you've finished your
repairs and the paint (if needed) is dry you should apply wax in order to prevent further rust damage.

Caring for Your Steel Furniture

 Steel furniture is becoming more popular these days. This is particularly true in modern kitchens that
are utilizing stainless steel appliances to compliment modern decors or as part of an elemental design
style. If you are bringing steel furniture into your kitchen you need to make sure that you are
comfortable with the proper care and maintenance of your new steel furniture. This will prolong the life
of your furniture and make you much happier along the way with your decision to use steel furniture.

 Dry dusting, like many other metal surfaces, is a great way to keep dust and such from building up into
problems. This is a great practice to get into on a daily basis. Once a week or as needed according to
use, abuse, spills, and such you should wash your steel furniture with a mild soap and water and
completely dry. You will also want to take great care to avoid streaks when drying. Coffee filters are
actually great for drying and avoiding streaks.

 You also want to make sure that you avoid abrasive cleaners on steel surfaces, especially painted
surfaces as they can not only damage the steel finish but also the paint. Never place hot items directly
on the surface, keep painted steel furniture out of direct sunlight as this can cause fading and
patchiness, never use sharp knives to cut or chop on the steel surface. Always use a cutting board.

 Metal furniture can greatly enhance the beauty of almost any home, office, or business when properly
cared for. By learning the proper procedures for caring for your metal commercial furniture you are
increasing the value and lengthening the usefulness of your furniture exponentially. These simple steps
are not difficult to follow and when followed with great care and attention can bring about amazing
results and increase your overall satisfaction with your metal commercial furniture purchases. Try them
out; you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your furniture over time.

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 Commercial Outdoor Furniture With Class And Style Is Another Useful Area To Browse When
                                   Planning Your Patio
                                                        By Ann Marier

 Just as many residential home owners desire to purchase lawn and patio furniture for their outdoor
and recreational use, likewise many corporations and businesses have a similar wish to furnish their
buildings with stylish and top-quality furniture as well. Commercial outdoor furniture is available in an
array of styles, colors, and price ranges to fit every business budget, whether it is a large corporation or
a small business. This outdoor furniture is used in many business settings, for example in restaurants
and hotels, resorts and college campuses. Everywhere you go, there is a need for commercial outdoor
furniture, and the possibilities are endless.

Styles of Commercial Outdoor Furniture To Choose From

Just as in residential outdoor furniture, there are many styles available in commercial outdoor furniture.
 Depending on the need, there is sure to be a fashion that will be suitable for the occasion. Cruise
ships, for example, have an important need to provide a large number of outdoor furniture around its
pools and decks. Amusement parks as well look for quality and a matching style that goes with the
particular park’s theme. Food courts inside malls even need to purchase commercial outdoor furniture
in order for the customers to sit down while they are dining in an often garden atmosphere in the center
of the mall.

Commercial outdoor furniture can be designed in a traditional style, such as a picnic table, or a more
modern look and everything in between. Plastic, wood, even metal is often used to make these pieces
of furniture, and they are often sold at a wholesale price to the corporations because so many are
being bought at once. Specialized companies design these pieces of furniture for a wide
customer-base and often only sell to companies and businesses, not individual buyers. Purchasing
commercial outdoor furniture can be an important addition to any business, providing a place for both
customers and employees to relax while taking a break in the sunshine.

As with all types of furniture, there are variations in the price ranges of such furniture. There are low
quality and top quality pieces of furniture from which to choose, and it depends on the company’s
budget as to how much can be spent on such a purchase. For a larger company, obviously more can
be afforded than for a smaller business, yet less expensive commercial outdoor furniture can be found
that is still quite trendy, sturdy and attractive.

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